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4 Ways To Optimize Your Existing Home Security

adt-south-floridaMaking your home safer with ADT Security Miami is an important step in protecting your family, but there’s still more that you can do. There are a few steps you can take to further enhance security around your family and ensure that everyone is safe. Use these ideas to make the most of your ADT home security system and start sleeping better at night.

Get the GPS

Tracking devices are readily available for different items, and they can help you get your big ticket property back if you are robbed. Consider adding them to expensive computers, large televisions and other costly items in your home.

The Moving Image

An alarm system that alerts you to an intruder is a vital component of home security, but cameras take it to the next level. Your ADT Alarm Miami can probably be integrated with video surveillance for you to keep an eye on things even when you’re on the other side of the country. You can check on the house when you’re out on a date, and you can use the cameras to keep an eye on latchkey kids while you’re still at work. Additionally, a recorded image of intruders makes it much easier for the authorities to identify and then find the guilty parties.

Motion Sensors

Some of the best additions for your security system are actually a little old school. Exterior lights with motion sensors are ideal for scaring off intruders and making your home less of a target. If the lights illuminate an area that’s also protected by a camera, then you might catch a quick picture of the intruder.

Linked with the Smart Phone

An alarm only works if you remember to set it consistently. If you or the kids have a habit of leaving without engaging the alarm, then look into having it linked with your smart phone. This allows you to turn on the system while you’re sitting in rush hour traffic or from your vacation cabin.

Any Miami home security alarm can benefit from these smart additions. You’ll make the most of your security system and sleep better at night knowing that your family is as safe as possible. Most of these changes are surprisingly affordable, but they make your system much more effective. In addition to making the home less of a target, you’ll also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with being able to check in on your house at any time and set the alarm remotely.

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