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Five Advantages of Wireless Home Security Systems

adt miami home lockWe all know the world is rapidly trying to go wireless. From phones, televisions, and computers, the world of electronics is continually changing. As the world has changed, so has the way we protect ourselves and our family. Home security systems in Miami can enjoy advanced home security features, like ADT Pulse, through the use of a wireless alarm system. Below are five advantages of having a wireless alarm system installed in your home.

1. One of the biggest advantages of a wireless system, and not wanting to sound too tongue-and-cheek, is the fact there are less wires to contend with. Pretty obvious, right? If you have ever seen a hard-wired system, you would know just how big of a deal wireless is. If you are using a hard wired system, you know about the yards and yards of wires in your walls and ceiling.

2. Without having any wires to contend with, the flexibility of a wireless system is greater than a hard-wired system. Not happy with a motion sensor or video camera in a given location? If the system is wireless, simply move the sensor. Otherwise one would have to reroute the wires and re-install.

3. A wireless system can allow more systems to run concurrently with easier control. Think about it, today’s systems can control or monitor a home’s: video surveillance, motion sensors, thermostats, oven, phone, television, exterior lights, interior lights, garage doors, key-less entry doors, two-way voice keypads, gas leaks, water leaks, emergency services request, and even your homes curtains. Being able to control all of these items in an efficient manner requires a wireless system.

4. ADT in Miami offers home security automation from anywhere in the world via wireless connection. You’ve probably seen the commercials of the person unlocking their home door as they vacation on a beach; this is the reality of an integrated, wireless system.

5. Lastly, a wireless system can be installed in half the time required for hard-wired system. Also, installation costs may be less expensive than a hard-wired system. You will not incur the cost of fixing the damage caused by running wires with a wireless system. Installation of hard-wired system is difficult, time consuming, and taxing for all of those involved.

Alarm systems have come a long way in the last two decades. Having your Miami home alarm system upgraded with the latest in 24-hour protection will greatly enhance your safety and security for decades to come.

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