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Three Simple Home Security Tips You Shouldn’t Overlook

Hdeadly-statisticsome security is a top priority for most homeowners. However, there are some important points that are very easy to overlook. Remember these simple steps to avoid leaving gaps in your home security strategy.

Test Your Components Regularly

Even if you have a security system installed, you may have done landscaping or rearranged furniture in such a way that renders the previous setup ineffective. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to absentmindedly block a motion sensor or a CCTV camera. Take stock of every device on your security system, and always ensure that it is not obstructed after you do home improvements of any kind. If any devices must be relocated, call your Miami ADT home security installer to move it.

Don’t Give Clues That You’re Away

Most burglars will move on to another target if they observe any signs that you’re at home. These could include cars parked in the driveway, lights left on, and the noise of a TV or radio. You should try to recreate these signs so that burglars can never be sure if you’re home or not. Park your car in the garage to hide both your presence and absence. Leave a few indoor lights on as well. Better yet, set a few of them on timers so that it looks like someone is home, awake, and moving from room to room. It’s also a good idea to leave a TV or radio on when you go out. Burglars will hear the noise when they get close to the door.

Inspect Your Doorframes

Having a sturdy lock installed and using it every time you leave is the first rule of home security, but it’s not the only rule. After all, the strongest lock in the world is useless without an equally strong door and frame! Most strike plates are attached to a flimsy frame with tiny screws. Such a setup wouldn’t be much of an impediment to a determined criminal. Make sure that your doorframes are made of metal or a very strong wood. In addition, replace the inadequate strike plate with a more robust model.

Sometimes, homeowners get so bogged down with the apparent complexity of home security methods that they overlook the simple things. You can avoid some common security oversights by ensuring that both your door and frame are secure, hiding the fact that you’re out of the house, and having your ADT Miami technician relocate your devices when necessary. Your home will be much more secure when you make these easy changes!

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