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5 Home Security Tips For People With Alzheimer’s

elderly-home-securityAlzheimer’s is a progressive, degenerative brain disease that affects cognitive functioning, memory, behavior and decision-making among other things. As Alzheimer’s dementia progresses, there is the constant challenge of finding affordable, feasible ways to keep loved ones safe. This is especially true for seniors who are committed to aging in place. Fortunately, there are a number of resources that can make these efforts much easier. Following are five home security tips for people with Alzheimer’s.

Invest In Appliances With Automatic Shut-Off Functionality

Purchase home appliances that will automatically turn themselves off after several minutes without use. This is a great strategy for preventing house fires and dangerous burns. Consumers can look for irons, waffle makers, slow cookers and other kitchen and household appliances that boast this level of functionality. Alzheimer’s patients can continue safely using these devices throughout the formative stages of dementia to maintain their sense of autonomy.

Install A Home Security System

Work with a company like Miami ADT Home Security to have security sensors installed throughout the home. These systems will keep intruders out while issuing warning signals each time dementia patients attempt to wander off. Best of all, they can be connected with other home safety features throughout the property such as smoke detectors and door chimes for increased efficiency. For Alzheimer’s patients who are exceedingly active, security cameras could be an important addition to these systems. ADT Miami can help family caregivers choose comprehensive security plans that are best in line with the constantly-changing needs of their loved ones.

Use Assistive Lighting Both Inside And Outside Of The Home

One large part of keeping seniors safe, irrespective of whether they suffer from Alzheimer’s or not, is preventing trip and fall injuries. Motion-activated or assistive lighting will ensure that no potentially dangerous missteps are made. It will also make it much easier for family caretakers to locate their loved ones should they attempt to wander off the property after the sun has set.

Install A Medication Management Device

Medication management devices are currently being offered by home care companies to help Alzheimer’s patients and their caretakers avoid problems like missed doses and accidental overdose. These will distribute prescription medications according to the patient’s approved dosing schedule. They will also alert medical providers and up to nine other pre-programmed contacts each time a dose is missed.

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