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10 Ways To Keep Your Home Safe While You Enjoy A Night Around Town

secure home for night outA night out on the town can be just what the doctor ordered after a long and stressful day, but unfortunately, many homeowners aren’t able to go out and have fun because they’re too busy worrying about the security of their homes. Fears of break-ins, property damage and more are often what keep people indoors instead of out having a good time, but thankfully, there are a number of ways to gain peace of mind, protect your property and secure your home. The next time you feel like staying in because of security fears, consider this list of 10 ways to keep your home safe while you enjoy a night around town:

1.) Have a Friend Watch Your Home

One of the easiest ways to gain peace of mind while you’re away is to have a friend, family member or neighbor watch your home. This can be done by having someone actually stay in your home while you’re out, or you can simply have someone periodically swing by to make sure your home is safe. If you use this method, you may also want to have the friend or neighbor check in with you on occasion to keep you updated on the status of your home’s security. Regular check-ins will allow you to ease your fears and relax.

2.) Leave Lights On

Another easy way to thwart criminals while you’re out having fun is to leave some lights on. By leaving on external lights, criminals are less likely to prowl around your home or break in, and if they do, it’s more likely that neighbors may see them, meaning the authorities can be notified quickly. You should also consider leaving some interior lights on or even your television or radio. Doing so will give the impression that someone is home, which will once again act as a deterrent to would-be criminals.

3.) Partner with a Security Company

If you truly want to secure your home, most experts agree that partnering with a security company, such as Security Concepts, is the way to go. Security Concepts can offer a variety of advanced security equipment options and monitoring services to keep your home safe, whether you’re there or not. Security Concepts can also provide expert installation and maintenance for all of the equipment it provides, and its experts are always ready to offer helpful advice and security strategies to meet each customer’s unique needs. Whether you need to protect a single room in your home or you want whole-house protection, Security Concepts can do it all.

4.) Door Sensors

Door sensors are another great option for keeping your home safe. Once installed, door sensors will monitor your home’s entryways for signs of intrusion, and if your sensors are triggered, a security expert will immediately notify the authorities. This means that while you’re out having fun with your friends or family around town, you won’t have to worry about a criminal kicking in your door. Door sensors from Security Concepts can be installed on virtually any doorway, allowing you to achieve protection regardless of your home’s design.

5.) Glass-Break Sensors

To protect your windows while you’re out having fun, Security Concepts also offers glass-break sensors. These advanced sensors can be fitted onto every window in your home, and if a monitored window breaks, the sensor automatically triggers an alert to the local authorities. You can install glass-break sensors on one window in a particularly vulnerable area of your home, or you can choose to secure all of your windows. Using wireless technology, glass-break sensors from Security Concepts can be easily configured to meet your unique security needs, and if you want to add more later on, an expert from Security Concepts will be happy to help you expand your system.

6.) Security Cameras

For the ultimate in security protection, you could also have Security Concepts install state-of-the-art security cameras in and around your home. These cameras can be a fantastic deterrent to criminals, and if a break-in or home invasion occurs, video evidence gathered from your cameras can help the authorities to bring the person or persons responsible to justice. Security cameras are also great for people who have young children who stay home alone. By using the Pulse system, provided by ADT and Security Concepts, you can monitor your cameras while you’re away. This can mean real peace of mind if you choose to leave the kids at home while you go out on the town for the evening.

7.) Monitoring Servicessecurity monitoring

Of course, no home security system is complete without monitoring services, so Security Concepts has partnered with ADT to provide urgent response monitoring from some of the most experienced professionals in the industry. If your home alarm system is triggered for any reason, a team of trained experts’ springs into action, alerting authorities in your area. While you’re out on the town, you can rest assured that your home will be protected by people who value your security and safety. You will also be notified of any emergencies that take place while you’re out, giving you time to react and potentially save your property from being stolen or destroyed.

8.) Mobile Security

While you’re out, you can also take advantage of mobile security options from Security Concepts. Using the Pulse network, your smartphone or mobile device can become a virtual command center, allowing you the ability to check on your system’s status, arm and disarm your system, view your home’s security cameras and more. You can even use Pulse to connect to other elements of your home, including your lighting, thermostat and other smart appliances and fixtures. Using Pulse, you won’t have to worry about coming back from a night out to a darkened house – simply use your smartphone or mobile device to turn your lighting on before you arrive.

9.) Medical Alert Pendents

If you’re going to be out late with family or friends and you have an elderly loved one at home, it can be worrisome. While you’re trying to relax and have fun, your mind may keep wandering back to your loved one at home as you think about his or her safety. Thankfully, Security Concepts can ease your fears through the use of medical emergency alert options. When you partner with Security Concepts, your loved one will have access to a medical alert pendant that is tied in with your home’s security system, and at the push of a button, medical help can be summoned if an emergency occurs. This can literally be a life-saver in the event that a loved one has fallen and is unable to reach your system’s keypad or a phone.

10.) Emergency Detectors

Finally, you can have a great night out without worry when you use Security Concepts’ advanced emergency sensors, such as fire detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. It’s unfortunate, but each year, fires destroy many thousands of homes across the country, and many of these fires could have been prevented with early detection. When you partner with Security Concepts, you will know that if a fire were to break out at your home, the authorities would be notified at once, meaning your home and property would have a better chance for survival.

If you’d like to find out more ways to protect your home while enjoying a night out on the town, or to find out about all of the affordable and exciting security options offered by Security Concepts, simply call 954-713-9411 in Broward County or 305-424-9219 in Dade County. When you call, don’t forget to ask about any specials that Security Concepts is currently running, as there are always great deals to be had.

Contact us to request a free, personalized quote. Don’t let security fears stop you from going out and having a good time – let Security Concepts protect your home today and have peace of mind tonight.



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