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5 Common Home Security Mistakes

5 Common Home Security MistakesMany homeowners take their serenity and peace at home for granted. Although the FBI reported a small percentage drop in reported home burglaries from 2006-2007, the chances are still pretty high. While much advancement is being made in our society, we are far from those days of being worry free at from home intrusions. Your family and home’s safety is something worth fighting for, and many Americans are making many mistakes when it come to ensuring their family and home’s security. It is worth while taking note of the following 5 common mistakes homeowners make when it comes to maintaining a safe and secure home.

The first mistake is what has been previously mentioned: taking one’s home security for granted. Now, no one is immune to the possibility of a home break-in. All areas, urban or suburban, are victimized by crime, and the matter of fact is that crime is spreading. This is not a cause for fear or panic, but for preparation and prevention. Do not be a lazy homeowner; take the necessary steps to protect your family and home. Many of these steps are much more simple than you think, as well as much more affordable. The best choice in ensuring home security is to install a monitored home security system. ADT is the nation’s top home security company, and their plans and packages can best meet your security needs.

Second, many homeowners make the great mistake of leaving doors and windows unlocked. While our great grandparents, grandparents, and even possibly our parents and ourselves may have grown up leaving their home’s doors and windows unlocked at all times, unfortunately those are no longer the days we are living in; our families must be protected at all costs. This is a very easy and small step to home security that has monumental consequences. Unlocked doors and windows are how many home burglaries occur. A burglar will take advantage of your mistake, and you will be the one at loss because of this lack of safety precaution. In addition to keeping all windows and doors locked, if you have expensive electronic devices within your home, you may want to place them in an area where they are not seen, or place a window treatment that will not make your valuable items visible to possible criminals.

A third common mistake homeowners make is to leave a spare key underneath a doormat or in a plant pot. Because this has become such a common practice for many homeowners, burglars are well aware, and they will search for a spare key. Although the reason for a spare key is to conveniently prepare you in the cause of a lost house key, the potential results could be devastating, both emotionally and financially. A better choice would be to leave a spare key with a trusted family member or neighbor. This is the better choice, however, be aware of the potential problems with this as well. Your relative or neighbor may lose the key unintentionally, or their spare key may be stolen. Regardless of these possibilities, this is the wise, safer option to deal with a lost key situation.

A fourth common mistake is with the homeowner’s landscaping. Planting many big, lush trees, bushes, and flowers around your home with out a doubt adds to tits beauty, but this is also a potential home security hazard. Be aware of the location of these big and lush plants, because a burglar can use them to his advantage for hiding and spying out your home. The appearance of your home does not have to be a reason to worry for your safety, just be well aware of the possible conditions and pursue your home’s beauty in the best, safest manner.

Finally, a common mistake is to not install a monitored home security system. ADT has the best service, plans and packages, and prices to meet your needs. The benefits to a home security system are boundless. Do not take your family’s safety for granted; follow these steps to guarantee your home security.

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