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Different Types of Door Locks and Their Security Level

burglar-alarm-miamiWithout door locks, many would not have the level of security that they do. They wouldn’t be able to protect their cars, possessions or houses. Door locks come in a variety of shapes, sizes and security levels. In fact, there are so many different types of locks that it’s virtually impossible to mention all of them in this article. Although some locks are better than others, the factors that define a good door lock are partly subjective, as it depends on a person’s needs and situation.

Knob Locks
These are the most common types of locks found in homes, specifically bedrooms. It should be noted that knob locks should never be used in external doors, as their level of security isn’t ideal. The way that these work is by enabling the knob itself to be locked. Because of this, they can easily be broken into.

Since deadbolts work by using a strong metal bolt to lock in place, they offer a much higher level of security compared to knob locks. These are much more common and ideal for external doors, preventing a break-in. They can be locked or opened by using a key. However, they can be opened from the inside without a key.

Lever Handle Locks
These locks are just as they sound: locks with a lever handle. They are more common in commercial areas. In certain ways, they are less ideal than knob locks because they can be broken into by applying excessive force to the lever. The way in which a lever lock works is very similar to how a knob lock works.

Cam Locks
This variety of locks are commonly used in cabinets, mailboxes and the like. They can only be opened by a key. However, they offer a decent level of security. These would be great for something like a closet with valuable possessions.

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