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Six Easy Tips for Condominium Owners to Prevent Break-Ins


Tip One: Install a High-Quality Alarm System

Condominium owners have just as many break-ins at their homes and need to take precautions including installing a Miami ADT alarm system that alerts them when someone breaks a window or forces open a door in order to steal valuables such as cash and electronics.

Tip Two: Keep Landscaping in Good Condition

Burglars look for ways to hide before breaking into a condominium, and overgrown shrubbery and trees are perfect for this activity. In some cases, the condominium association is responsible for the landscaping, and an owner must remind the person in charge to trim plants.

Tip Three: Get to Know Neighbors

Anyone living in a condominium should know their neighbors in order to notice if there are strangers nearby. It is also a good idea to recognize strange vehicles that indicate that potential thieves are walking through the area watching until families leave in order to break into a condominium.

Tip Four: Add More Exterior Lighting

By adding more lighting near entranceways and windows, a condominium owner is making it more difficult for burglars to enter without being seen by passersby on the street. Most thieves will not attempt a break-in when a building has a lot of lighting.

Tip Five: Install More Locks on a Condominium

Change the old locks when moving into a new condominium, and install more locks such as dead bolts, window mechanisms and sliding door security bars. Do not hide keys outside your home in locations such as inside a mailbox or under a rock because these are the first places that burglars look.

Tip Six: Test a Condominium’s Security Devices Once a Week

After ADT home security in Miami technicians install the systems, condominium owners are responsible for turning on the devices when leaving home for work and school. It is also a good idea to test the system at least once a week to verify it is working correctly.

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