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3 Home Security Tips for New Miami Homes

adt-home-securityMoving to a new home can be one of the most exciting times in your life. As you begin to unpack your boxes in your new home, you might wonder how safe your new home will be for you and your family. There’s never a god excuse for taking chances with the safety of your new Miami home. Consider these three security tips for your new home in Miami.

Security System

Security systems for your home will keep intruders out. Miami ADT home security can install a wide range of options for your unique desires and needs. You’ll have complete control over the security essentials in your home. Homes with security systems are much less likely to be targeted by intruders. And since ADT is a trusted name in the home security industry, criminals will move on to a new location when they see the ADT Miami sticker outside your house.

New Doors and Locks

New doors and locks are especially important if the home you’re moving into is a bit on the old side. Lock quality has improved greatly over the past 30 years. Newer doors are sturdier and harder to break down. And new locks are great ideas anyway. The old owner of the house might not have any keys, but maybe they gave other people keys. Also check with a local Miami moving company on best practices for door security. You don’t want anyone to have working keys to your home other than your immediate family members and trusted friends.

New and Brighter Lights

A well-lit home isn’t the ideal place for a criminal invasion. Lights make everything safer inside and outside your home. Your guests will be able to clearly see where they’re walking with better lighting. And criminals will think twice about trying to enter a home that has lots of bright lights installed. They’ll be much more likely to target another home without these security measures. The best part is that new lights don’t really cost much to buy and install. Their security value goes far beyond their retail prices.

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