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5 Cost-Effective Ways to Protect Your Home

Protect your houseAfter you scrape and save to buy your own house, you want to protect your investment and belongings. Are you afraid that you will once again have to break the bank account to safeguard your house? Let’s examine why an ADT Miami security system is well worth your investment along with other cost-effective measures that will provide protection for your home.

1. Substantial savings on home insurance can come to you through installing a security system in your home, just ask your insurance agent. In addition, a house with a Miami ADT home security system is less likely to suffer a burglary than one without one. In fact, there is triple the risk of a break-in if you ignore the need for an alarm setup. You also need to install the decals on the front door and other entrances to the house to advertise that house is protected with one of these systems.

2. Lock doors and windows when you are gone from home or at night! A simple step such as this prevents burglars from easily assessing your home. If you live in a two-story house, lock the downstairs access points, when you are going to be upstairs for lengthy periods of time.

3. Turn outdoor lights on at night. On top of this, place a timer on the lights for when you travel away from home to ensure they come on every evening and turn off in the morning. A brightly lit yard will scare off unscrupulous people as the lights bring too much attention to your yard and house at night.

4. Scale back on your landscaping around your windows and doors. If the entire neighborhood can easily view the happenings at your house, the burglars are hesitant about asking to become caught in the act! Prune bushes, trees and other plantings to a height that does not block the access points to your home.

Use the above tips to safeguard your home and belongings. All of them are well worth your efforts. Call our ADT Miami home security installation company for further assistance with protecting your house.

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