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Have You Done Enough To Protect Your Home?

During the past 20 years home burglaries have more than tripled and home invasions have gone up more than 500 %. Residents used to be able to say that in their neighborhood it was safe to leave doors unlocked and a sense of safety was the norm, however today the opposite of that is true. Residents all around the country today have lost that sense of security and are more aware of possible intruders and burglaries than ever before. It used to be that certain neighborhoods were considered safe and other neighborhoods were considered unsafe, but today there is no such thing as a neighborhood in America where residents feel that there is no need to take security measures against possible intruders. With that in mind, this article is intended to cover the most popular and recommended ways of protecting your home from an attempted burglary.

The first and possibly most important way to protect your home from a possible attempted burglary is to install a professional home security system. The leader in home security is ADT and through local ADT authorized dealers it is now extremely affordable to have a security system installed in your home and monitored by ADT.

Another step of security which is recommended by law enforcement agencies is to have adequate lighting installed in your home. Adding exterior lighting around the perimeter of your home is a great deterrent for intruders looking for a home to potentially break into. Motion sensor lighting is a great way to protect the home without spending a fortune on your electric bill. These light sense anyone moving inside of the protected area and activates the lights for a pre set time of no more than 15 minutes. These lights also come with a built in photocell which makes sure that the lights don’t turn on during daylight hours which would not serve any purpose and make you waste needless electricity.

One other way which makes your home less likely to be burglarized is to trim back landscaping enough to not provide hiding places for would be burglars. Although landscaping makes homes across America beautiful, they also make them more likely to be broken into. Landscaping should be cut back enough where the perimeter of your home is visible from the street. The idea is not allow an intruder to have the privacy he needs to unlawfully enter your home at his leasure. The harder you make things for them the less likely you will be broken into.

On the top of the list of ways to protect your home is to make sure that the locks on your doors are not easily disabled. Spending money on good locks like Medecco locks is an investment you wont soon regret. Convicted burglars have testified to the fact that any house which has locks which are too difficult to crack open was a house not worth attempting to break into.

The list could go on and on with ways to make your home more secure, however this list of recommendations is the top recommended items to consider. Whatever your budget make sure that you don’t become a victim who at the end will wish they would have taken some type of measures to better secure their home.

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