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Three Simple Ways to Improve Your Home Security this Winter

miami home adt alarmWhen the holidays roll around, most of us feel exuberant and happy. After all, this is a time for gift-giving and throwing parties. Sadly, we don’t live in a perfect world where everyone shares the compassionate spirit of the season. As any professional at ADT home security in Miami would tell you, many thieves view the holidays as open season on home invasions and burglaries. After all, it’s a time when people bring high-value items into their homes and often go on vacation.

You can keep your home secure this holiday season, provided that you keep some key things in mind. Here are three simple ways to improve your home security this winter.

Test Your Alarm System

Many Miami ADT alarm system users fail to ensure that their system is set and working. This is the season to ensure that everything is working properly. Remember, thieves are very much aware of the fact that people buy brand new high-value items during this time of year. This is why it’s more important than ever to be sure that you’re protected.

Vacation Wisely

Nothing should ever stop you from going to visit your family or finally take that dream vacation somewhere warm and sunny. However, your home is at its most vulnerable when you’re away. In addition to ensuring that your security system is in working order, it’s a good idea to have a friend or family member periodically check on your house while you’re gone. They should also collect your mail, as uncollected mail can be a flag for burglars.

To really have a secure home, put your front porch light on a timer so it goes on automatically at night. Thieves are generally deterred by a porch light, as it signifies that someone is home.

Don’t Leave High-Value Items Out In The Open

When thieves break into your home during the holidays, they are usually on the quest for presents stored in closets or attics. If possible, leave valuable gifts in a locked closet instead of out in the open. If you have a secure office at your place of business, this is an even better way to store your holiday gifts. Not only will they be safe from thieves, but you’ll have the added bonus of keeping them from being seen prematurely by snooping kids!

The holidays are the best time to improve your home security. If you follow these tips, you can have a safe and happy holiday incident, protected from unsavory types and thieves.

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