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4 Ways to Hide Your Jewelry from Thieves

home-secuirty-wirelessWe all own valuable jewelry that we want to keep safe if a home invasion were to occur. The problem is: where is the best and safest place to hide it, and how do you prevent thieves from getting in and finding it? Here are 4 good ways to ensure that your fine jewelry will be safe in case of a home invasion:

1. Hollowed out books: Whether you have five books or five hundred books, this is a great way to disguise your valuable jewelry in plain sight. Hollow out a book you don’t use, or buy a few cheap ones from a thrift store, and you will have an excellent place to stash your valuables. Criminals wouldn’t think twice that a pair of gold earrings could be hidden in a book.

2. In a fake plant: A burglar wouldn’t think twice to look in a plant for valuable jewelry. Simply put the jewelry in a jar and bury it within the plants base. You can use a real plant, but disturbing the roots may cause issues so a fake plant is recommended.

3. Falsely marker storage boxes: If a box in your closet is labeled “Baby Clothes”, it is highly unlikely a criminal would look there for valuable jewelry. This is another great way to hide your fine jewelry in plain sight.

4. Invest in a good security system: The easiest way to avoid stolen jewelry is to prevent it from having an opportunity to be stolen. Investing in a good security system, like ADT home security in Miami, will ensure that your jewelry and home stay safe.

A Miami ADT alarm system is a good place to start with protecting your valuable jewelry. Accompany the alarm system with a few hollowed out books, a fake plant, and some falsely marked boxe and your fine jewelry is sure to stay protected.

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