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Home Security in a Down Economy

Home Security in a Down EconomyAs the economy has worsened, the crime rate has increased. This has been known to be a trend from previous economic crisis, and this current crisis is no different. The Police Executive Research Forum, a Washington, D.C. based independent research organization made up of local and state law enforcement officials, released a survey in January showing that 44 percent of police departments were reporting an increase in crimes they believed could be attributed to the current economic crisis. In addition, of the departments that were surveyed, 39 percent reported an increase in robberies and 32 percent said they had seen a rise in burglaries. With these facts, many homeowners are taking matters into there own hands in order to prevent further crime and to keep their valuables safe.

A form of protection has been to purchase a home security safe. Sales of home security safes have grown as homeowners worry about an increase in crime tied to the economic downturn and as confidence in banks and financial institutions falters. Under the nation’s current financial state, people are scared of theft and are concerned about their house getting broken into by a burglar. Over the past year, home security and residential safe manufacturers are witnessing an increase in sales activities. Typically, residential households for the most part purchase gun safes, but now it’s home security safes as well.

If you or someone you know is considering purchasing a home security safe, there are a few things one should be informed of concerning safes. First, search for a safe that has been tested and certified by an organization such as Underwriters Laboratory, which tests products for safety and durability, to ensure that the safe is truly fire resistant. Look for the UL certification mark indicating it has gone through rigorous testing and meets UL standards. The purpose of the home security safe is to ensure that your property is going to be safe, able to withstand many possible dangers. Second, consider the weight of the safe. This is important because the more the safe weighs, the less likely a burglar can carry it out of a home. Third, place the safe in the first floor of your home or in your basement to decrease the risk of it falling through the floor in the event of a fire. Follow these simple guidelines to ensure you are purchasing the proper safe to protect your valuables.

Once you have your safe, be careful when bringing it home. If the wrong people are paying attention to what your family has been doing, the knowledge of a new safe delivered to your home sets off many alarms in a wrongdoer’s mind. They now know you are storing valuables in your home, and may attempt to break into the equipment when you are gone, or steal the entire safe altogether. This is why in addition to purchasing a safe, you should also install a monitored home security system.

ADT is the nation’s number one home security company. When you install an ADT monitored home security system, you have 24/7 monitoring, which equally protects you when home or away. Burglaries, fire, and carbon monoxide are monitored by the ADT monitoring center, who will dispatch the proper authorities should an alarm sound when you are not home. Though many families are affected by the economic downturn, there is always hope, and you can protect your family and home.

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