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Workers at Your House? 5 Things To Be Aware Of

cctv technician adjusting camera angleHome renovations are just a part of life; eventually you’re going to need a contractor to come into your home to fix a sink, perform electrical work, or even completely remodel your kitchen. However, it’s important that you be on the alert during this process. Otherwise, you may find yourself the victim of a robbery.

1- Double check licenses and insurance
Never have work done on your home by someone who does not carry the proper licenses and insurance. Ask for documentation, and follow up to make sure the papers are legitimate. This way, you’re less likely to hire frauds.

2- Put away valuable items
While you can’t hide everything away, please take care to conceal especially valuable items in your home. This includes antiques, jewelry, electronics, and tools. You might even want to consider renting a safe-deposit box during this time.

3- Don’t leave contractors alone in your home
It’s never a good idea to leave a stranger alone in your home. If you have no choice, consider having some security cameras installed first; this is something ADT Miami might be able to help you with. Additionally, ask a neighbor to just keep an eye on your property.

4- Be on guard for the next month or two
It’s a sad fact that homeowners are more likely to be burglarized after a contractor has been in their home. The next month or so after the work has been completed, try to be extra vigilant about looking for suspicious activity and locking your doors. If you don’t already have a security system, now might be the time to call Miami ADT home security.

5- Be wary about workers at a neighbor’s home too
While you may research companies carefully to ensure your own safety, your neighbor may not do the same. Keep your garage door closed, and try not to make a big show of leaving your home for extended vacations.

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