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4 Safety Alternatives to Getting a Guard Dog

aggressive dogIf you want to protect your home, there are many ways that you can do it. Some people jump right away to the conclusion that they need a guard dog, but that is not always practical. Maybe you are very busy or simply don’t want a dangerous animal around your kids. For whatever reasons you don’t want a guard dog, you don’t need to worry. Here are four safety alternatives you can use instead of a guard dog to keep your home safe.

1. Protect Your Home’s Exterior
There are many ways that you can deter thieves by protecting the exterior of your home. Adding security lighting will stop thieves who prefer working under the cover of darkness. A security fence will also help keep them away. Planting thorny buses around your windows is another great way to discourage thieves.

2. Install a Security System
There is no better way to protect your home than to install a Miami ADT home security system. When thieves see that ADT Miami sign prominently displayed outside your home, it will keep them away. If they can’t read or are simply stupid, your ADT home security system will send them scurrying like the rats they are if they attempt to break into your home.

3. Secure Your Doors and Windows
If thieves cannot gain entrance into your home, you never have to worry about them stealing your stuff. You can upgrade your windows to safety glass and install secure doors and locks to keep thieves at bay. However, the best doors and windows will do nothing to keep thieves out if you don’t keep them locked. Make sure you always double-check your entrances before you leave to ensure they are secured.

4. Start a Neighborhood watch Program
If you do no already have a neighborhood watch program in your neighborhood, it is time to start one. When neighbors look out for each other, it helps to bring crime down within a neighborhood. Thieves will be very afraid to try to break into your home when they see the watch signs posted around your neighborhood.

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