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Home Security Systems Options; Top 10 Ways to Crime-Proof Your House

Purchasing a do it yourself home security systems may help to cut down costs of a professionally installed burglar alarm, but you have to be certain that the security system is purchased from an authorized Honeywell, Ademco, GE, or DSC dealer like Home Security Concepts. If the home security system is not associated with a reputable dealer, you may not benefit from the factory warranties from these top home alarm equipment manufacturers.

Where to start

Before you begin your search, it is important to identify the type of security system your home needs. A home security assessment is highly recommended to detail the weak spots of the home and possible point of entry. Bigger homes should be left to a professional due to the amount of square footage and ensuring the right home alarm system will be installed to cover the larger space. Whether you are installing the burglar alarm system or hiring a company certified to install systems from ADT, Brinks, or Protection One, be sure their technicians properly explain what you need and can keep to a budget that fits your needs

Top 10 Ways to Crime-Proof Your House

There’s a few things you can do to make the most of your protection services and maintain the highest level of awareness for your safety, so here’s the top 10 tips to make sure your home is safe from crime:

1-  Neighborhood crime watch: If your neighborhood doesn’t already have one, look into starting up a community crime watch. Contact your local police department for the requirements and talk with your neighbors to bring them on board.

2- Remove warning signs: Certain triggers, like a stack of newspapers on your porch or mail clogging your letterbox can tip off would-be thieves to your vacation plans. Bypass this by arranging for a neighbor or family member to collect your mail and remove any signs you’ll be gone for some time.

3- Don’t post warning signs: The signs you’re on vacation aren’t limited to your front porch. Social media is becoming more and more of a viable method for scammers and thieves to scout for locations. If you’re going on vacation, don’t post about it and if you are going to, be sure your profiles have the appropriate level of security measures taken (i.e. don’t post to public profiles).

4- Conduct a home safety drill: Much like a fire drill, practice with your loved ones. Keep phones within reach to keep in touch after an alarm has been set off and organize a plan of escape to a “safe room” or area if an intruder makes it into your home.

5- By invitation only: If someone asks to come in to use your phone for whatever reason, or another potential ruse to make their way into your home, close and lock the door. It’s a common method utilized to scout your home and will give potential thieves a layout of your home for when they return.

6- Workers in and around your home: When hiring someone to work in or around your home, be sure of their credentials and never allow them in your home before making sure they are exactly who they say they are.

7- Patterns: If your neighbors have been robbed, it may only be a matter of time until your home is next. Map out any robberies n your area to see if there is a pattern and meet with those who have been hit to see if there are any coincidences like hiring the same painting company, vehicles near the home or anything else that may provide a link between them.

8- Home security system: A home security system is nothing without awareness, so be sure that when you have one installed, you are completely aware of how the system works, what alerts will be sent and what changes need to be made to make the system work more efficiently.

9- Get what you need: In buying a system, don’t go for the lowest cost. Make sure each part of the system is necessary, but do not use cost as the only barometer in deciding on a system.

10- Remain calm: With the appropriate measures in place, it is important in the case of an emergency to remain calm, and be assured that the measures you’ve taken will alert the authorities to your location to aid you immediately.

Professional protection

Expanding upon tips 8 and 9, alarm monitoring companies offer monitoring with a maintenance agreement. While the warranty plan may require an additional fee associated with the central station monitoring, it is generally a wise choice to include it in your home alarm package. Most home security systems options come with a limited warranty but adding a lifetime warranty guarantees complete coverage. It is important to choose an alarm service provider that has a reasonable monthly fee and contract. Some home alarm companies offer a free home security system as long as you’re willing to sign an agreement for a set period of time. An Miami ADT authorized dealer can ensure you not only have support and protection, but also ensure that service doesn’t break the bank.

Local expertise

A local authorized ADT dealer like Home Security Concepts is your best choice because they can offer a home alarm system with installation while keeping your costs low. They can even offer a lifetime warranty directly through ADT security services, guaranteeing the equipment for the life of the customer. The full suite of options and services are just a click away.

Whatever you choice, a professionally installed security system or a do it yourself option, at the end of the day, your home and your family come first. With the professional and attentive experts at Home Security Concepts, you can see if an ADT monitored security system or a do it yourself home alarm, from companies like Protect America, will meet the standard of protection your family needs. Peace of mind and safety for your loved ones is at the core of every home security system, and there is no price that can be put on that certainty. Contact us today for a free quote and trust your home’s safety to the pros.



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