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Four Ways to Secure Your Home throughout the Thanksgiving Holidays


Security Tip One: Protect Your Home While Traveling

If you are traveling during the Thanksgiving holidays, then you must take additional security precautions to protect a home from a break-in. Thieves know that families often leave their homes for several days to visit relatives, and an unoccupied residence is the perfect place to enter to steal cash and valuables. By installing a Miami ADT alarm system, your home is less likely to have a break-in because law officials are notified immediately and neighbors also hear the alarm.

Security Tip Two: Add Exterior Lighting to a Home

A burglar does not want anyone to see them breaking into a home, so adding bright exterior lighting is an excellent plan. There are low-cost solar or electric lights that you can install easily near to walkways, doors and windows. By focusing a bright light on entranceways, there is less chance that a potential thief will break a window or door to enter because someone passing by in a vehicle will notice and contact the police.

Security Tip Three: Install More Locks on Your Home

To make your home more secure for the Thanksgiving holidays, install more locks on entranceways and windows. There are specialized locking mechanisms designed for sliding patio doors, windows and garage doors. It is essential to install as many dead bolt locks as possible because these sturdy devices are difficult to break through without making enough noise to alert neighbors. Make sure to lock all of the locks at night or while leaving home in addition to keeping track of the keys.

Security Tip Four: Trim the Foliage around Your Home

ADT home security in Miami experts recommend that you trim the trees and shrubbery around a building to make it more difficult for a burglar to enter without being seen. Thieves seek homes that have windows and doorways covered with foliage in order to enter without a neighbor noticing. Plan to trim foliage around your home a week or two before the Thanksgiving holiday to avoid a last minute rush to protect a property from a break-in by thieves.

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