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5 Tips to Avoiding False Alarms on Your Home Security System

miami-home-security-system-benefitsKeeping your family and your belongings safe is important; After all, that is why we purchase home security systems. However, false alarms do happen. Not only can these false alarms be loud, but they can be costly. If responders show up at your home, they may not only charge you a fee, but they are possibly being distracted from an actual emergency. Use these 5 tips to avoid having a false alarm with your own home security system.

Practice the Codes

Make sure that everyone living in your home knows the correct code and practices that code. Call your monitoring station, like Miami ADT Home Security, ahead of time to warn them that you will be testing the system. Many systems also have a test mode already built in. This will assure that you are not the perpetrator in a false alarm just because your code was changed and no one told you.

Replace Batteries Regularly

Changing the batteries and regularly testing the system can help to assure that you are getting the product you paid for. Your alarm system should warn you when batteries are becoming weak. Even though batteries can last many years, be pro-active in these situations.

Check Doors and Windows

Just as batteries wear down, so do the latches, locks, and hooks for doors and windows. Before activating your security system, make sure that they are all shut and tightly secured, this way, they will not be affected by wind.

Be Aware of Pets

Pets will wander throughout the house if you allow them too. When you are away, either choose a program in the system without motion detectors, use a “pet-friendly” mode, or confine them in a safe area with no motion detectors.

Keep Equipment Updated

Consult with ADT Miami to update outdated equipment. If you suspect damaged or faulty equipment, report it.

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