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4 Tips to Avoid Unnecessary Alarms

adt-fort-lauderdale-home-guestFalse alarms, an inconvenience to both homeowners as well at the response team. False alarms not only waste the emergency response team’s time, but also resources. There are even false alarm fines that can cost a couple hundred dollars. Here are 4 tips to avoid false alarms:

Buy a Quality Alarm System

When having friends over, the last thing that anyone wants is for an alarm to go off. To avoid this purchase a quality ADT Miami, or specifically, a Miami ADT home security system. When choosing a security system, do not be fooled by low prices. Though they may seem like the better deal, always choose quality over price.

Secure all Doors and Windows

A false alarm can be triggered by a door flying open due to the wind or even by a cracked window. When guests are over at the house, be sure that everything is shut before turning on the alarm. Often people do not close their doors which can trigger the alarm.

Use Verification Technology

The last thing anyone wants is for an alarm to go off when having friends and family over. To prevent this, link your alarm to your smartphone so you can turn the alarm system off or even on whenever and wherever you would so choose.

Teach Your Kids How to Work the Alarm

When having guests over, children can often be wild and playful. That is why it is important for the homeowner to teach their kids on how to turn the alarm system on or off whenever they are playing. False alarms from children are a common occurrence.

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