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Home Burglar Alarm Tips

It is not a surprise that all law enforcement agencies agree that the number one way to protect your house without a doubt is by getting a monitored home security system. The fact of just having a sign that indicates that you own an alarm is many times a deterrent in itself for a would-be burglar to go somewhere else for an attempted break in. Home security alarm systems have become so inexpensive in the past ten years that every home by now should have one. Twenty years ago any home security system would cost no less than five hundred dollars, and that would be for a basic system not including more than three doors and one motion sensor. However today you can get a complete installation covering all of your door and windows and several motion detectors for as little as 99 dollars. Even though home security systems have become extremely affordable many people still feel they don’t need one. Well to those people I say don’t wait for me to say I told you so because without an alarm system you are ten times more likely to become a victim of a break in. If you still feel you don’t need one or feel you just can’t afford one then the next best thing all law enforcement agencies recommend is to install good locks on all your doors and possibly even tour windows.

Most people make the mistake of installing locks in their homes that can be very easily broken into without much effort by any intruder. Most people also install the type of locks that are locked from the outside but opened from the inside without using a key. Suppose for a moment that your home was targeted by a would-be intruder. He cases out your home and determines to proceed. He first comes to the front door and knocks at the door to make sure no one is home. Upon confirmation that no one is home he then makes his way toward the back of the house an using a crow bar forces open the back door. After several minutes of running through all the rooms and closets he is now ready to leave your home with your belongings. Where will he exit the house with electronics and other items? Will he exit through the back door and walk around towards the front of the house or will he simply walk right out the front door and even turn around as he exits and waves good bye as if he were someone visiting the residence? If a neighbor sees him coming from the back of the house with his hands full of your belongings that will cause the neighbor to call the police however if the intruder is coming out the front door and even gestures to say goodbye any neighbor would have to ask himself if this person is genuinely visiting or doing something unlawful.

This is the reason why good locks are so important. If you have double dead bolt locks on all of your exit doors then any intruder that tries to come into your home must do so through a window and after he is done getting whatever he is planning on taking he must exit through the same way he came in. And getting a 42 inch television set out through a window is not always possible. If you have gates in your home that lead to your back yard also put good locks on those, forcing any intruder to have to jump your gate rather than just walk right through. Even on all windows it is a wise choice to install locks that make it impossible to open any window without a key.

The best advise law enforcement agencies can give is to install a monitored home security system and you just can’t afford one then do the next best thing and install locks throughout your home.

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