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4 Foundations Every Secure Home Needs

ADT Miami security before workMaking a home secure takes time and effort. The locks that came on your home are probably contractor build locks that won’t take much to bypass, and there are other areas of opportunity throughout your home. In addition to investing in something like ADT security Miami, you should also make sure that your home has these basic foundations of great security.

Lights for Protection

Thieves have a vested interest in not getting caught, and that means staying in the dark. Motion sensor lights are a great option for exterior doors, and landscape lights serve an attractive and functional purpose. Keeping your home well lit will help make it less appealing to home intruders.

Upgrade Locks

This includes the locks on sliding doors and windows. Every exterior should have a quality deadbolt. Keep the back door secure by investing in a special lock that pushes up into the framework. Get security locks for windows that prevent them from being opened from the outside. Invest in quality locks for all doors, and use them every time you leave the home. Consider fitting swinging doors with a special kickplate that makes it harder to force the door open.

Window Treatments

It may surprise you to learn that window treatments help make your home safe. At night, the lights on inside a home make it easy for intruders to see in if there’s no curtains or blinds in place. When the sun starts to sink the sky, close the blinds to make your home more private and secure. Security window tint makes your home cooler and also makes it harder to break glass. Invest in tinting for first-floor windows and sidelights near doors.

Nosy Neighbors

There’s plenty of complaining about neighbors, but the fact is that nosy neighbors make great burglar alarms. They notice when something is amiss at your home, and they’ll call for the authorities if they thing you’re being robbed. Network with the neighbors and be friendly. You don’t have to invite them over for Sunday dinner, but agree to keep an eye out for each other’s property.

Finally, consider investing in an ADT alarm Miami to help monitor the home when you’re away and even when you’re home. The great thing about a monitored system is that it can call for help in the event of fires as well as break-ins. You’ll sleep better at night knowing that someone is watching over your property. However, taking these other steps will make your home less of a target to begin with.

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