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Are You Making It Easy For Thieves? 4 Common Home Vulnerability Points

iStock_000013261322XSmallThere is a possibility for home invasion when it comes to every home. Though no home is invulnerable to theft, it is possible to aim for as close as you can get. So how does one effectively protect their home from invasion? Initially, a homeowner must seek out the vulnerability points in their home. Whether you are currently a homeowner or are thinking of purchasing a home, take a look at this list of signs that burglars often look for in a vulnerable home.

Uncollected Mail in Mailbox
Uncollected mail in your mailbox can be quite easy for a potential burglar to spot. However, it is just as easy to avoid. Remember to make arrangements with a trusted friend or family member when you are away from your home for any length of time. The trusted friend or family member should be asked to maintain the home by keeping up with minor household duties and spend a bit of time in the home each day to make it appear to be occupied.

Lights Off for an Extended Period of Time
If possible, any valuable items in your home should be kept away from windows. By keeping valuables close to windows, you are allowing potential burglars to take a quick and easy inventory of just what you have. Be sure to cut down all boxes of higher end items prior to placing them outside, Having the lights off is a tall tale sign that you are away. Though you may want to save a few dollars on your energy bill, keeping a few lights on will prevent you a far greater cost in the case of a burglary.

Closed Curtains and Unlocked Windows
Be certain to secure all windows and doors every night before bed and every day prior to departure from your home. This leaves no easy access points for prospective intruders.

No Sign Advertising a Home Security Alarm System on the Property
Every homeowner should invest in a home security system. Remember to install high positioned lights and high fences or gates around your home’s property. You will definitely need to be certain that you have an ADT Miami sign which easily brands the alarm system as well. For homeowners with an abundance of bushes and trees surrounding their home, consider replacing them with a fence or a wall. The shrubbery offers burglars a method of coverage when entering or exiting your home.

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