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Three Important Ways to Throw Away the Packaging from Expensive Goods

miami home adt alarmA Miami ADT alarm system is one of the best ways to protect your expensive items from theft by burglars, but you must also avoid telling potential thieves what is inside your home. During the holiday season, thieves will drive their vehicles through neighborhoods looking for evidence of new electronics and jewelry that were purchased as gifts. The signs of expensive items are easy to see when you leave recognizable packaging outside your home before it is collected as trash.

One: Tear Packaging into Tiny Pieces

When throwing away the packaging from jewelry, cellphones or electronics such as televisions and DVD players, you must make sure to tear the materials into tiny pieces. With this method, a potential thief is unable to read labels on bags and boxes to determine if a home is filled with expensive items that are quick to find and steal.

Two: Use an Opaque Trash Bag

Instead of using a clear bag to throw away trash, purchase opaque bags that no one can see through. A heavy-duty trash bag is also more difficult for a burglar to rip open quickly to learn what new items have entered a home during the holiday season. Make sure to fasten the top of the trash bag securely rather than simply using a twist tie device.

Three: Wait Until the Trash Truck Arrives

If you drive through a neighborhood after Christmas, then it is easy to see what new expensive items were given as presents by looking at the piles of boxes placed near the curb. Instead of placing the packaging from expensive goods outside for a day or longer, wait until right before the garbage truck arrives to bring the trash to the curb.

Prevent Financial Losses from Theft throughout the Holidays

In addition to following all of these important tips for throwing away packaging such as bags and boxes from expensive items, you should have ADT home security in Miami. A top-of-the-line alarm system can prevent the financial losses caused by thieves breaking into a home to steal valuable items such as computers, diamond necklaces and cameras.

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