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Five Crucial Tips for Better Home Security

adt miami alarm systemsOne of a homeowner’s worst fears is being burglarized and physically threatened by a criminal. No matter how safe you believe your neighborhood to be, it is essential that you take steps to prevent this dreadful scenario. These are a few easy ideas for making your home resistant to burglars.

Secure Your Windows

It’s easy to focus so much on door security that you forget about the windows! For starters, they should be outfitted with window sensors. When these devices are activated, they emit a loud siren that will draw the attention of anyone within earshot. Glass break sensors are also a good idea in case the crook simply smashes through the glass. If you want an extra layer of security on top of these, apply a sheet of anti-shatter window film. This will make it inconvenient for a criminal to break out enough glass to allow them entry. Be sure to apply these measures to your basement and crawlspace windows as well!

Block Upstairs Entry Points

Only a tiny handful of burglars enter through the second story, but they are enabled in doing this because most homeowners don’t think that they can get up there. Some burglars are surprisingly daring and agile; they have been observed climbing trees, balancing on fences, and standing on top of garbage cans to reach an upstairs entry point. They could be heading for a window, but they may also get in through balconies or deck entrances. Secure your second story by trimming any tree branches and relocating any objects that may aid a criminal in gaining access.

Get Technology on Your Side

Today’s technology can do the work of several humans when it comes to home security. It offers nonstop vigilance with a very low failure rate. Ask a home security specialist to show you some of the most comprehensive alarm systems. Look for a system that incorporates motion sensors, CCTV cameras, and a communication line with the company’s emergency response center.

Shed Some Light on the Crooks

Keep your doorways lit up so that criminals can’t hide when attempting to gain entry. You might also install some lamp posts in the yard to make it harder for them to sneak up to your home. Another bright idea is to mount motion-activated lights around the exterior of your house. If you’re not sure what motion lights to buy or where to install them, set up an appointment with a Miami ADT home security specialist; they will be able to recommend the best model for you and mount it in the ideal location.

Lock Up Your Garage

Some homeowners consider the garage more of an outdoor area, especially if it’s detached. However, your garage requires the same security measures as the house. Burglars love to ransack garages in search of expensive tools as well as tools that can help them break into the house. They might also break into your car if it is parked in the garage. Ensure that your garage door opener prevents the door from being pried up. Install deadbolts on any exterior doors. It’s also a good idea to mount some window bars since aesthetics are not much of a concern in the garage.

The police work hard to keep burglars off the streets, but they can’t be everywhere at once. Therefore, homeowners bear the bulk of the responsibility for protecting themselves from thieves. While these are not the only things that must be done to secure your home, they will foil the criminals’ most common schemes.

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