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4-Point Checklist: Home Security in Miami

adt-home-securityWhether you are planning to leave the city or state on vacation or even on a business trip, ensuring your home is protected and safe at all times can be done by implementing a 4-point checklist prior to your departure. When you have a home in Miami you want to protect when you are away it is also important to consider the possibility of investing in a home alarm system for additional security.

Inform Others of Your Vacancy

Any time you are leaving your home be sure to inform neighbors, friends and family members you can trust of the dates you plan to depart and return. Having others watch over your home is a way to give you a sense of security while deterring potential thieves and burglars who may be casing your neighborhood when you are out of town.

Installing a Home Alarm System

Installing an ADT alarm Miami is possible to help with improving your home’s overall security and protection at all times. Getting ADT security Miami can be done with the use of local and online resources to compare the options you have available near you. Home alarm systems allow you to install window alarms, motion detectors and even temperature monitors to ensure your home is always in working order even when you are not occupying it.

Keep Curtains in Place

Whenever you plan to go somewhere on vacation or out of town on business, be sure to keep your home’s curtains in their normal places. Avoid closing all curtains when leaving your home for more than a day as this easily tips off potential thieves and burglars who are seeking easy homes to break into.

Use Lighting Timers

Installing lighting timers is a way to avoid keeping one light on at all times when you are gone on vacation or out traveling on business. A lighting timer also helps to deter thieves who are casing homes for properties that are empty and vacant. When you use lighting timers you can have various lights in your home turn on at specific times of the day until you return.

Knowing how to keep your home secure any time you are gone and not present is a way to keep your mind at ease whether you are enjoying an island getaway or if you are out of the state for your work or other business-related events and meetings you need to attend.

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