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Four Hacks to Revamp Your Home Security

home-secuirty-wirelessRevamping your homes security measures may sound like a daunting task. Perhaps you currently have nothing in the way of home security and feel it is time to install. Perhaps there has been an increase in violence or robberies in your area and need to start taking some more precautions. Regardless of the reason, there is never a better time to upgrade your safety and security than right now. Check out these 4 hacks to revamp your Miami area home security.

1. Chances are that if you live in the Miami area you probably have an air conditioner sitting outside of your home. An air conditioner presents a very lucrative target for a criminal. We often overlook our air conditioners opting for other security options. Purchasing and installing an air conditioner cage over your home’s unit will provide security and protection from anyone looking for an easy score.

2. Windows can be a likely entryway for burglars. Next time you are in a home improvement store, take a walk down the security aisle. There you are likely to find low profile window alarms which emit an alarm when the window is moved. Not a bad security device if you have multiple windows, especially ones you don’t use all of the time, like basement windows.

3. If you have a wood door, which most do, you probably have a wood frame which accompanies the door. If you are concerned about the security of the door, but don’t want to purchase a new one, upgrade the frame. A heavy duty frame reinforcement kit can be purchased from most home improvement stores and, better yet, you can likely install it yourself.

4. If you keep large quantities of cash or other valuables in your home, be sure you have a good quality safe tucked away out of sight. Keep in mind a ‘fire safe’ is not a safe. Fire safe boxes are not very secure and offer little in the way of security. A safe should be made of steel and bolted to the ground. Likely, when a thief goes after a safe, they take the whole unit in order to open it up in the safety of their own garage. By bolting them to the ground you will make it almost impossible for them to grab it and run.

Every home is different. What is good for you may not be good for your neighbors. One thing that is good for everyone is a quality home security system installed in your Miami home. A security system, and the professionals who install them, will cover all of the areas above and can advise you further if need be.

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