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ADT Alarm Services; Do’s And Don’ts To Protect Your Home From Burglars

ADT Alarm ServicesADT Security Services (ADT) was founded in 1874 by Robert Roebling Clowry as American District Telegraph. At the time, ADT was a consolidation of 57 different telegraph companies. Through the years, the business went through different ownership and business concentrations as technology advanced. In the 1920s and 1930s, they began to specialize in things such as fire and burglar alarms. At the time, the company was run by AT&T. In the 1960s, it became publicly owned and started to provide home alarm services in large cities, such as New York City. In 1997, the company was purchased by Tyco International. Over the last 130-plus years, ADT has branched to over 30 different countries and employees tens of thousands of people.

The Facts

ADT (in South Florida) offers home, commercial and government security systems, fire detection systems, close circuit video surveillance systems and much more. It’s the largest provider of electronic security systems with over 20 million customers in the United States alone. The company is very successful and has become the go-to source for security systems. In 2006, ADT grossed $7.2 billion.


The main function of ADT Home Security Systems (in South Florida)  is to keep your home and family safe by protecting against fire, theft and other dangers. In addition to safety factors, installing an ADT security system can have tangible secondary side effects such as lowering your home owner’s insurance premiums, and intangible side effects such as peace of mind. For a relatively low cost, you can ensure your family’s safety and curb their anxieties.


ADT offers monitored home security systems, which protect your home from intruders, fire and other problems. The systems are professionally installed and monitored 24-hours a day. You can include burglar alarms, window and door sensors, motion detectors and other components, such as video surveillance, carbon monoxide detectors, smoke and heat sensors, water sensors and freeze sensors. After the system is installed, you can arm and disarm the alarm through keychain remote or the keypad on the wall. ADT charges an initial installation fee plus a monthly fee for alarm monitoring services. The prices range by how many sensors you need and other details. However, the monthly charges are considered relatively low for the quality of service and equipment.


An alarm system installed by ADT Security Services helps to protect a house from fire, carbon monoxide leaks and theft attempts. On the digital keypad in your home, you can access the fire, medical or police dispatch when help is needed. Audible sounds from the system alert you when doors or windows are opened. If the alarm is armed, a high-decibel siren sounds. Many times this scares the perpetrators away. At the very least, it alerts those at home or neighbors of the intruder’s presence. When the Customer Monitoring Center receives the signal from the home, they decide what kind of response to send. In order to weed out false alarms from actual threats, somebody from the monitoring center calls the home, and if there is enough evidence to prove that the threat is real, help is sent. If no one answers when the center calls back, proper personnel are dispatched.

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