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Four Most Popular Entry-Points For Burglars

adt-miamiHome burglaries are a serious problem that all homeowners should take seriously. Not only can burglars steal valuable possessions, but a homeowner who walks in on a burglary can also become the victim of a violent crime. In order to reduce the likelihood of a home being burglarized, a homeowner should understand the primary points of entry for burglars and how to make them less susceptible.

Front Doors

In many cases, burglars enter house through the front door. By watching a home, a burglar can often learn that the homeowner has a key hidden outside of the home. Burglars can also pick locks and simply use force to open a locked door. To prevent entry through a front door, a homeowner should have at least two locks on the door, make certain that the front door area is well lit and not keep a key hidden. Having a security system and signs from ADT Miami will also help to repel burglars from even trying to enter a home.

Secondary Doors

Secondary doors include back doors, side doors, sliding glass doors and doors leading inside from a deck or porch. As many modern homes have multiple doors, it isn’t difficult for a burglar to go through a neighborhood and find a door that is unlocked. In addition, burglars generally have more time to force or pick a secondary door as these doors are less visible from the street. To prevent burglars from entering these doors, homeowners need to make certain that all doors are locked at night and consider adding motion sensitive lights to these doors.


As with doors, many people fail to make certain that all of the windows in their home are locked at night or when they are not at home. Homeowners should be certain to keep their windows locked and should consider adding a strong aftermarket lock to the window to supplement the manufacturer’s lock. Miami ADT home security can also provide monitoring for windows, to make certain that a home is safe and secure.

Garage Doors

A surprising number of burglars enter homes through garage doors. This is due to older garage doors being easy to pick or to open through the use of force. Homeowners should update old doors to make them more secure. Good lighting around a garage door will also make the door less of a target for burglars.

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