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Not All Burglars Are Stupid: Are You Making These Home Security Mistakes?

Social Media has become very popular in more recent years. What some people may not realize is that some people may be using social media to their advantage, to hurt those who least expect it. On some Social Media sites, people use them to keep in touch with their family, friends, and loved ones all around the world, but they might not realize who else are paying attention to every single post that the person is sharing.

Some people may want to share with people that they have just won a vacation, or they are taking some much needed time off of work to go on a much needed vacation to come home to find out that what was once happy and exciting news, got to the wrong person and your house was broken into while you were gone because you shared too much information and some heartless person took advantage of your excitement. The bottom line is, keep this news private. It is okay to tell those who you know that you can trust, but do it in a private message instead of posting it where everyone can see it.

Automatic timers on lights, may be helpful in some cases, but can also be a mistake in others. People with not so good intentions, can sit in their car and watch a neighborhood to see if and when automatic lights come on, and if and when people leave their house on a routinely basis. Automatic timers on lights may make it seem like someone is home, but this has become predictable to those who are paying attention and may not be as much of a safety feature as it once was when it first came out.

Some ADT systems have it set up now where you can turn your house lights on and off from your vehicle on a remote key chain, or from your cellular phone. These tools are handy because not only will they turn your lights on for you before you enter your home, but it also serves as sort of a panic button where if you see or hear someone attempting to break into your house, you can push the button and lights will come on, and depending on the product you are using law enforcement might even be able to be notified. These are just a couple things to keep in mind to stay safe.

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