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How to Prevent Package Theft from Your Home

Prevent Package Theft

Prevent Package Theft

It’s sad to think that people will take a package from your doorstep, but it happens. Recovering your package can be a hassle, and you may not too keen on purchasing the same item for the second time. Here are some things you can do to prevent package theft from your home.

Use Smart Package Lockers

Smart Package lockers are an alternative to having packages delivered to your home. These smart lockers allow you to pick up your package instead of having it delivered to your home. You will use a unique PIN (personal identification number) or provided code to retrieve your package. Smart Lockers are available in many states, including Florida.

Have Packages Delivered to Your Place of Business

It’s a fact that some mail carriers don’t do their job. Maybe they leave your packing on the sidewalk instead of your front door or other location you do not approve of. Maybe the mail carrier leaves the package on your porch without following your specific directions to knock on the door or ring the doorbell to make sure someone is home to get the package before leaving the residence. A solution to this frustration is to have your packages delivered to your workplace during business hours.

Install A Front Door Security Camera

An ADT front door security camera can help prevent package theft. An ADT security camera with a high-decibel siren will keep potential thieves away. The siren will make thieves think twice about stealing your packages while the security camera captures their face and the clothes they are wearing. You can use this information to report them to the proper authorities.

Require Signature for Delivery

To add an extra layer of security for your home and packages, request the signature for the delivery feature. With this feature, your package will not be delivered unless you sign for it. It is unlikely any package delivery service will leave your package unattended due to the legal actions that can be taken.

Reschedule or Reroute Your Package

There are a few different apps you can download on your Smartphone or iPhone to help you reschedule or reroute your packages. You can have your package dropped off at a different location or have a hold placed on your delivery. A hold on your packages and mail, especially when you’re on vacation.

Purchase Insurance for Your Package

Regardless of how big or small your package, always make sure it’s insured. If your package is stolen, unfortunately, you may not be able to recover it but having the packed insured guarantees reimbursement. Package insurance provides peace of mind.

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