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One Secret That Could Help Keep Your Family Safe

adt-home-securityThere is one “secret” in home security. Well, perhaps it is not as much of a secret as it is more of a common knowledge we choose to ignore. The secret is having an ADT home security system installed by an authorized ADT dealer. ADT has been around for over 140 years. That is 140 years of reliability and a proven track record like no other. However, we ignore this “secret” due to our complacency when it comes to home security. With today’s headlines, how can we be so naïve?

Think about it, we have security systems installed in our cars, our computers, and even our phones. When it comes to our homes, we are still using door lock, pin and tumbler ‘technology,’ which dates back as far as 4000 B.C. (no exaggeration). The truth is, common door locks no longer cut it in regards to keeping us safe. Most door locks are not secure, and a professional criminal can defeat these types of door locks in under a minute. If the lock cannot be defeated, a swift kick to the door will usually do the trick. By simply relying on this dated door lock system, we are only fooling ourselves.

Complacency does play a role in our persistence. Telling ourselves a home invasion “won’t happen to me” is a dangerous gamble. Having the protection of an installed ADT system is your best defense in an offensive world. A professionally installed ADT system offers not only protection, but piece of mind. This piece of is in the form of 24-hour monitoring. ADT systems are affordable and offer top of the line, cutting edge technology once only dreamed of. Options such as: keyless entry, multiple wireless features, round the clock monitoring, carbon monoxide and fire detection, and video surveillance to name a few of the more popular options. Our most valuable possessions, are loved ones, reside in our homes. Protecting them should be priority #1.

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