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Certified ADT Security Systems Distributor in Boca Raton, FL

Certified ADT  Security Systems Distributor in Boca Raton, FL When it comes to state of the art security systems, ADT is a company that is at the top of the list. In business since the late 1800’s, this company knows what it takes to deliver security systems that cover all aspects of keeping businesses and residences completely secure and out of harms way. With 35 percent market share, ADT is trusted and depended on by six million customers across North America.

The Importance of Distributers

A good security system distributer will have in-house knowledge about crime statistics in your area. They will know what to look for in terms of vulnerabilities and have access to the best security information and technology. Their solid reputation is what makes them a cornerstone in community safety. It is a known fact that property crime rates in the Miami area are nearly double that of the state of Florida which translates to a one in eighteen chance of becoming a victim of property crime. Boca Raton crime rates are a bit lower, translating to a one in twenty eight chance of being a victim of property crime.Why not decrease these statistics to zero when the technology exists to keep your loved ones and your greatest assets safe, secure and sound.Home Security Concepts, a certified ADT Security Systems distributer is the “go to” company in the Miami metropolitan area. Being an ADT distributor gives a company like Home Security Concepts, complete access to the latest and best in security systems.

First Thing First

The first step of the process is setting up a free, no obligation evaluation of your property by a home security specialist. Highly knowledgeable about recent crimes in the Boca Raton area, they will be able to point out areas of easy entry. Taking your budget into account is part of the process and it is our job to come up with several options that provide the peace of mind that you deserve.

Standard Options

Because all homes and businesses differ in their layout and access plans, we offer six levels of security packs with increasing numbers of door and window sensors. Each level comes with a premier keypad with police, fire, medical and panic buttons, one key fob chain remote with the same buttons, from seven to thirty-two door and window sensors, a back up battery, one interior 110 decibel siren, two pet immune motion detectors, an RJ-31X which is the phone jack necessary to connect the alarm system to the telephone system and ADT warnings signs and decals. The level one security pack is free with free installation as well and is being offered as an Internet-only special.   Every ADT system requires twenty four seven professional monitoring. So even while you sleep, this network of interconnected Monitoring Centers with trained professionals will be monitoring your home or business every minute of every day.

Add On Safety

To keep your loved ones and home or business safe from accidental injury, we supply Carbon Monoxide detectors, Smoke Alarms, Glass Break Sensors and Medical Alert Sensors. Even if the system is deactivated, you can rest assured that your premises are being guarded for carbon monoxide and the presence of smoke throughout the night. With low water tables, it is smart to install water sensors to detect the presence of floodwater, which will alert the monitoring center before any damage is done.Take It With You We are societies on the go. Whether our travel is due to work, pleasure, college visits or family reunions, we are always away. Our cellular devices have brought our world closer together. Those moments on the go now allow us to connect to our loved ones for however brief a time. Why stop there when with an ADT Pulse solution, you can connect to your home and loved ones via the video camera set up on your property. This two-fold purpose allows you to see intruders or whoever steps up to your door in real time. Our CCTV surveillance cameras are placed in discreet places to protect your family and your home at all times. Security cameras are a good deterrent but also keep you connected to the comings and goings in your absence. Keeping pace with the mobile world is what brought this brand new ADT technology into prominence. With your smart phone, tablet or computer, you can take your security system with you wherever you go, be it vacation, the office or your car.

More Convenient Than Ever

The question that comes up the most with alarm systems is, “Did I remember to turn on the alarm?”  Well now with ADT pulse solutions, you can check on and activate your alarm system from the airport if need be. Why hand out keys to the nanny, housekeeper or young children for that matter, when with a Z-Wave Kwikset Deadbolt, you can disarm the alarm and the handset on your front door with the touch of a button on your digital device of choice. This convenient option saves on lost keys and addresses issues that may compromise the security of your system.

Great Savings

This Z-Wave system can be applied to your lights and thermostats and for that matter, any device you see fit. Controlling the air conditioning and ambient lighting in your absence, contributes to lower utility bills.Home Insurance Companies recognize the value of alarm systems and most homeowners can save up to 20 percent on their insurance premiums. Should a move be in your future, don’t let that keep you from installing a home security system today. Customers of two years or more are entitled to a Mover’s Security Guarantee, a free ADT system and 10 percent discount on all upgrades.For ultimate peace of mind, contact Home Security Concepts, the certified ADT Security Systems Distributer in Boca Raton, Florida.We look forward to answering all of your security needs. To schedule ADT security system installation or speak with one of our agents, please contact us (954) 713-9411 for your free consultation today.

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