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Three Security Tips When Moving into a New Home

fort lauderdale adt home security tipsMoving into a new home can be as worrisome as it is exciting. There are a number of unknowns you will have to contend with in regards to your new home. Will the neighbors be friendly? Will the schools be sufficient? Is my family safe? All appropriate questions to ask yourself when moving. One aspect of your move which you can control is the security of your new home. Below are three tips you can take in order to enhance you homes security profile.

As you go around your new home personalizing each room, be sure to change the locks on your exterior doors. There is no way of knowing how many keys exist of each door, let alone who is in possession of said keys. If you have multiple doors, and do not want to replace each lock, consider calling a locksmith who can rekey the locks. This is also true for expensive or ornate locks. Keep in mind, a cheap lock is exactly that, “cheap”. Conduct an internet search of the make and model of your lock to determine its worth. You may be shocked to find what is protecting your family.

If your new home does not have proper exterior lighting, consider installing a few motion activated lights by each exterior door and facing the backyard. Criminals will opt for a shadowy back yard over a well-lit front yard any day of the week. A motion activated flood light will have criminals moving towards darker areas of cover. Also, purchase a couple of light timers for the interior of your home. If you are away, it is a good idea to have one or two lights on during hours of darkness.

Alarm System
If your new Miami home has an ADT security system installed, call the company and transfer billing information. Keeping the system active is a great way to provide piece of mind during this transition period. If the new home does not have a security system, consider contacting ADT Miami to set you up with a professional installed system, like ADT Pulse and /Two-way voice keypad. Having a security systems which provides 24 hour alert monitoring will greatly enhance your homes security posture.

Moving into a new home is an adventure; don’t let it become a nightmare. A few steps is all it takes to greatly enhance your families security. Now all you have to do is figure out what box you packed your favorite coffee mug in.

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