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5 Everyday Useful Tips to Improve Your Home Security

deadly-statisticsHome security is a big issue in Miami and Florida. Burglars can get into and out of a house in minutes if there are no defenses. You need to take actions every day to make certain that your house is safe and protected against intruders. Here are five everyday useful tips to improve your home security.

Close Your Curtains at Night

Burglars in Miami spend time watching the homes that they eventually strike. If a criminal can see into your house at night, then that burglar will know what you own, where things are located and what your schedule is. Close your curtains or blinds when it starts to get dark outside.

Watch What You Throw Away

Do not put expensive boxes from new electrics or other items out on your curb without breaking them down first. Cut the boxes into pieces and put them inside an opaque trash bag or trashcan. This will ensure that criminals do not target your Miami home after seeing that you just purchased something expensive.

Get a Locking Mailbox

You do not want criminals going through your mail. A criminal could steal your identity or mailed checks if the box is left open at all times. You want to get a locking mailbox with a key. You can give one key to the mailperson and keep the other hidden inside your home. This also prevents criminals from trying a variety of scams to get into your house.

Use a Monitored Home Security System

You need a monitored Miami ADT home security system for your home. A simple alarm that makes noise on the front door is not enough. You want the system monitored by professionals who will call the authorities at the first sign of trouble. Having a real person monitoring your home will deter most burglars from even approaching the property.

Doors Should Lock Automatically

A final tip is that the locks on your doors should activate automatically when you come in or leave. This prevents you from forgetting to lock your front or back doors. If you have an ADT Miami security system, then you could install digital tumblers that can be locked or unlocked automatically using an app on your smartphone.

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