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Three Tips to Keeping Your Home Safe

adt-miami-alarmsProtecting your home and the valuables within its walls is key for any homeowner. Here are a few tips that are proven methods to prevent home break-ins.

Leave a Light On

One of the best deterrents against potential break-ins is a light that makes a criminal think twice before they enter your home. A light normally means that someone is at home, and criminals are less likely to break-in when there is someone present. Lights can be put on a timer for those times when you are out of town on vacation.

Lock All of Your Windows

Homeowners normally remember to lock the windows on the main level or basement of their home, but they may forget to lock windows on upper levels. If you have a second floor balcony, you will want to be sure to lock and windows on this level since a criminal can raise themselves up before they try to come into your home.

Install a Security System

While it is the most expensive alternative on the list, this is a great way to keep your loved ones and possessions safe. A Miami home security system can monitor activity and provide alerts in real-time.

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