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Four Quick Tips To Keep Your Valuable Garage Possessions Safe from Theft

home-security-tipsBecause it’s not always a top priority when it comes to home security, a garage door is often times the easiest way for thieves to enter your home. Not only that, but most garages are full of tools, vehicles and other high-end valuables. These four quick tips can help keep those valuables inside your garage safe.

1. Purchase a Locking Garage Door. Getting a garage door that locks will give you extra peace of mind. Some can be opened with a key while others operate with a keypad. Some even have alarms that go off if someone tries to open the locked garage without using a key. Just seeing the lock itself may deter thieves from breaking into a garage.

2. Keep the Garage Door Remote In a Secure Spot in the Car. Most people keep their garage door remotes on the visor in their car. If you park your car on the street and a thief happens to break into it, it would only take them a second to grab the garage door remote and gain access into your home. Consider locking the remote in the glove compartment, in the console, under the seat or carrying it with you.

3. Make Sure the Area Around a Garage Door is Well-Lit. Thieves are less likely to approach a well lit area. Placing not only decorative lighting both above the garage door shining down, but also down shining up.

4. Pair a Garage Door Opener and Sensor With A Miami ADT Alarm System. ADT home security in Miami installs garage door sensors as part of a complete security package. This is the latest in smart technology that will protect your often forgotten garage belongings.

Follow any and all of these quick tips and you’ll quickly increase the safety of your garage valuables.

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