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3 Tips for Choosing a Pin Number for Your Home Security System

ADT Miami security before workYour home security system is only going to be a secure as the PIN you choose for it. The truth is that many people often choose PINs that are just too easy and it leaves them at risk for an incident. When you are choosing your PIN, consider these tips to make sure your home is secure:

Do Not Choose Special Dates

ADT Miami recommends never using a special date in your family for your Pin on your home security system. The fact is that you may be already making these special dates public without even thinking about it. For example, you may have your own birthday listed on Facebook or post birthday wishes to your children. This information could easily be found by anyone. It simply makes more sense to never use these special dates as your PIN or the birth year of any family member.

Do Not Use Sequential Numbers

Everyone with a home security system may prefer to remember a sequence of numbers for their PIN, but it is all too easy to figure out. 1-2-3-4 is usually the first number that a burglar will try on a home security system and then 2-3-4-5 and so on. Choosing a sequence of numbers is going to put your security system at risk.

Choose a Number that Correlates to a Word

ADT Miami home security also recommends choosing a PIN is to choose your number that can be associated with a special word. For example, if your favorite material is lace, you could choose your number based on the letters of the alphabet. In this case, lace would turn into a PIN of 9-1-3-5, as l is the ninth letter of the alphabet, a is the first, c is the third, and e is the fifth. If your keypad has both letters and numbers on it, it will make this task much easier.

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