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4 Unexpected Ways Pests Can Enter Your Home

It is important to regularly assess the maintenance on your home so that you can be sure that there are not unexpected ways for pests to enter your home. In doing so, you will be protecting your family from harm. If you reside in Miami, it is absolutely worthwhile to speak to local experts about the various options available in terms of pest control. One such local expert to speak with is ADT home security in Miami. Upon hearing about their Miami ADT alarm system, you will be able to figure out which pest control options are the ideal fit for your home. Here are four unexpected ways pests can enter your home:

1. Through the Shower Drain: If your shower drain doesn’t have a stopper, there is a chance for rodents to climb into the shower and then, into your home. It is best to put a stopper there to avoid rodents crawling up through the pipes, particularly in the Winter.

2. Through the Toilet: The toilet will be a way for rodents to climb up as well. In theory, it is wise to keep the toilet seat down, but to also have your pipes inspected regularly to avoid rodents entering into your home.

3. Through Cracks in the Foundation: If there are cracks in the foundation, you may be able to have rodents and undesirable insects. Be sure to have your foundation inspected regularly.

4. Unknown Holes in Your Roofing: Bees and termites can make themselves at home in your roof. Have your roof repaired regularly to check for errors.

It is important to always take preventative steps to repair your home and prevent the entry of pests. The sooner that you begin these repairs, the more effective that your home will be in the future because it will be pest free.

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