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Five Mistakes You Are Making Concerning Home Security

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Keeping Some Doors Unlocked

Burglars know that many homeowners only lock a front and back door of their home and neglect locking garage or basement doors. Miami ADT home security knows that a burglar wants to find an entranceway that is difficult to see such as one inside an exterior stairwell or hidden by shrubbery. Make sure to have all doors and windows locked on your home.

Telling Everyone When You are Going on Vacation

You are probably excited about the vacation you are going on, but avoid telling everyone the dates of the trip. A burglar is constantly trying to gather information concerning when families are not at home for extended amounts of time. A vacant house is the perfect place to commit a robbery because it allows more time to search for valuables.

Leaving Keys Hidden Outside a Home

Homeowners might think it is helpful to leave extra keys hidden outside a home, but thieves know where to look for these. There are common places where keys are placed such as under a flowerpot, inside a mailbox or between decorative rocks. Instead of leaving keys outside your home for quick access, give an extra set to a trusted neighbor or relative.

Having Unreliable Locks on Windows and Doors

If you have ancient locks on the doors and windows of a home, then the items are unreliable. Old-fashioned locks are well-known by burglars who know how to break the devices quickly. Modern locks are more innovative and difficult to break without using strong tools easily seen by neighbors.

Forgetting to Turn On Alarms

Forgetting to turn on your ADT Miami alarm systems is a bad idea that can lead to break-ins and home invasions. Choose an alarm system that is easy to turn on inside a home or remotely from a computer or cellphone. By having a remote control alarm, you can turn it on after leaving a home.

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