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4 Ways to Save Money with a Professionally Installed Home Security System

home-alone-fort-lauderdaleIf you’re thinking about getting a Miami ADT alarm system, you may not have considered that the investment could actually provide you with financial returns. Cost-saving benefits of a professional security system can offset the price you pay in purchasing and monitoring. Take a look at these 4 ways to save money with a professionally installed home security system.

Tax Deductions

For those who have a home office, a percentage of the purchase price and monthly fees associated with a home alarm system may be deducted. Ask your accountant for more details.

Homeowner’s Insurance Discount

Having a security system in place can save you money on your homeowner’s policy. How much of a discount you receive depends on your insurer and the type of system you have. You may want to consult your insurance agent before making your purchase to ensure you choose the most cost effective option.

Energy Costs

Today’s newest home monitoring systems come with apps that allow you to control the thermostat and lights when you’re not at home. If you forget to shut off the light, you don’t have to leave it on until you return from work. An automated thermostat can save you a significant amount of money. With a home security app such as this, you’ll be able to keep the house cooler all day, then return it to a comfortable temperature right before you leave the office.

Property Damage or Loss

The main reason homeowners consider ADT home security in Miami is to protect their family’s safety and belongings. Your alarm system will deter would-be burglars from entering. A break-in can cost you several thousand dollars in lost possessions. In addition, some systems come equipped with apps that monitor for low temperatures or leaks in your pipes. This kind of warning can be a life-saver when it comes to property damage costs.

As you can see, a professionally installed home security system may be more affordable than you thought.

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