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If one of our ADT level packages doesn’t meet your home or business security needs, just add on individual equipment from our diverse list of ADT approved additional equipment. Let one of our home security systems specialists design a system that’s right for you.

Wireless Door/Window Sensors

Wireless Door/Window Sensors: All homes are not made exactly the same. For that reason, we offer additional door or window sensors. So whether you have a condo with just one door or a 3 story home with more than 40 doors or windows, our home security systems are designed to add on as little or as many sensors as you need.


Glass-Break Sensors: Our ADT approved audio frequency detectors provide protection from an intruder attempting to shatter your glass to gain entry into your home. These uniquely designed sensors detect the actual audio frequencies generated when plate or tempered glass is shattered.


Pet-Immune Motion Detectors: Add yet another level of protection to your home alarm system by adding infrared motion sensors. These ADT approved motion detectors are designed to be pet friendly so that any animal that weighs up to 80 pounds will not be detected. These specially designed sensors actually process the hair density and pattern of movement of animals to differentiate between humans and animals.

key-fob-new1Key fob Remote Controls: This wireless key chain remote makes activating and deactivating the home security system as easy as pressing a button. These key fob remote controls have a minimal range of approximately 200 feet. A unique code is programmed into each key remote to ensure unauthorized entry is not possible. An audible panic button is integrated into each key chain remote to give extra protection to the user.


Digital Cellular Communicator: No landline? No problem. With ADT Cell Guard cellular communicators, getting lightning speed response is possible. Monitoring, by one of the six ADT central stations is made more effective with this wireless cellular service. In a fraction of the time, ADT Cell Guard communicators connect to the ADT monitoring center. This cellular service provides additional protection because there are no potentially compromised phone lines to protect. So downed or cut phone lines are not a concern with our digital cellular communicators.

Two-Way Voice Keypad

Two Way Voice Service: This unique arming keypad not only allows for system control for arming and disarming but also includes two way communications to the ADT monitoring center. Through the use of a special built-in speaker and microphone installation, the ADT operators at the central station can actually listen in and communicate with anyone at the protected premises during an actual alarm event. Hands free communication adds an extra layer of protection during a medical alert emergency.

Smoke Detector

Smoke Sensors: ADT monitored smoke and heat detectors increase the level of protection for your entire family and even your pets while you’re away. Whether the alarm system is armed or disarmed, these monitored smoke detectors are active and will initiate an alarm condition in the event a fire occurs. The ADT customer monitoring center is immediately notified of the condition and the proper authorities are advised of the fire condition. Monitored smoke detectors provide true peace of mind for the entire family.

Medical Pendant or Wrist Band

Medical Alert Button: Senior citizens can find comfort knowing, that at a press of a button, the ADT monitoring station is notified. Honeywell wireless technology medical alert buttons are even waterproof, making it even easier to provide around the clock protection.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon Monoxide Sensor: If a high level of carbon monoxide is detected in the home, the ADT approved CO2 detector immediately initiates an alarm condition by sounding the system siren and calling the ADT central station.

To receive more information on how additional ADT approved equipment can supplement your new ADT monitored home security system, call us at (305) 424-9219 or toll free at 1(800)991-6587 to Contact Us.