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Use This 3-Point Home Security Checklist Before You Leave Home for Work

adt-miamiThe minutes before leaving for work can be a hectic time. Showering, breakfast, kids, spouses, emails are just some of the items which may be on your daily morning checklist. Sometimes it is actually a relief to get to work in order to stop dealing with home stressors. Not to overburden your morning, but there is one routine you should not skip. Performing a quick security check on your Miami home before leaving may save you from the headache of dealing with theft. Below is a three item home security checklist you can perform in less than five minutes.

First, start with the obvious. If no one is going to be home all day, make sure windows and doors are locked properly. If you have children, little fingers have a tendency of unlocking windows and doors and not relocking them. This is an obvious step, but you may be surprised how often simply locking a door is overlooked. Also, make sure appliances are off or unplugged. Leaving an oven or clothes iron turned on is a whole other headache you don’t want to deal with. If, while at work, you often wonder if you locked the front door, consider performing a little ritual. It sounds silly, but knocking on your door or ringing the doorbell three times after you lock it may save you a return trip home.

Second, make sure your outside items are not an easy target. This means having your garage closed and locked, securing bicycles or other toys which may have been left out, and locking gates or other car doors left in the driveway. Of course every home is different and you may not have to worry about some of these steps. Whatever you situation may be, establish some type of routine to do a quick check of your home’s exterior surroundings.

Lastly, if you have a home security system in your Miami home, make sure you arm it before leaving for the day. If you don’t have an alarm system, consider contacting ADT Miami to have one installed. ADT offers 24 alert monitoring for you Miami area home. Features such as ADT Pulse and two-way voice keypad offers everything one may need in order to have a safe and secure home. From a complete line of home security automation, to fire or intruder detection, ADT Miami has you covered.

Taking five minutes to check your home’s security may seem like a waste of time, but establishing such a routine may keep you from becoming a victim. Staying one step ahead of the criminal, especially with an ADT system, will make your home safer for years to come.

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