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Do It Yourself Home Security: How to Protect your Home from Invasion

Do It Yourself Home Security: How to Protect your Home from Invasion Home security for the typical homeowner has never been a more pressing concern than it is right now. There’s a growing consensus that economic conditions will continue to worsen over the next few years. Desperate people tend to do desperate things, and property crime is a growth industry in the United States. The immediate danger posed by low-level criminal opportunists looking for an unlocked window or an unsecured garage door is one that shouldn’t be ignored. Nowadays, the average homeowner has his or her plate full in terms of security.

Try though they might, the police can’t be everywhere simultaneously. That’s why it’s really up to smart homeowners to take their security into their own hands and be proactive. Homeowners have a lot to lose by neglecting home security. Aside from the potential monetary and property losses that can be incurred in minutes, there’s the safety of one’s family to consider. In the face of such threats, it makes sense to come up with a plan to combat property crime, break-ins and all manner of home invasions no matter how trivial. The following is a quick breakdown of Do It Yourself home security as it relates to the average private citizen.

Keeping a Home Safe
There are a few different ways to address the problem of home invasion. Oftentimes, it helps to take a step back and review the available options. The proper method for securing a home will vary based on the homeowner’s situation and particular requirements. The ordinary homeowner will find that a layered defense is going to be the most effective. Ultimately, there’s only one surefire way to fully ensure that home security is more or less impenetrable, which will be demonstrated momentarily. However, it’s instructive to run through some of the more popular home security options before deciding on a course of action.

Security through Obscurity
If you live in a remote area, you can rely on chance and hope that thieves simply don’t notice your home. As any security professional will tell you, this approach isn’t a viable long-term option and isn’t particularly effective. Granted, it’s wise not to advertise your possessions or make your house look like an attractive potential score. While making sure that your home is as unappealing a target as possible is a good idea, it’s not really a permanent fix. In other words, this approach should be utilized in conjunction with other security measures for the best results possible.

Go on the Offensive
Some security experts advise their clients to become reacquainted with their 2nd Amendment rights and buy a few guns. Granted, a firearm or two is a powerful way to deter burglars and would-be home invaders. However, there are a few significant drawbacks to relying on firearms alone for protection. Guns should only be handled by those who have been trained in their proper usage. Furthermore, they’re only effective if one happens to be home when somebody tries to break in. Many don’t like the idea of guns in the house, and they ultimately won’t accomplish much if you’re away from home when a break-in occurs.

Install a Security System
Even if luck and a low profile or one’s own martial prowess were 100% effective, homeowners would still need a security system that’s always running when they’re away. If a burglar really wants to compromise a home, they’ll wait as long as needed for it to be empty. With an alarm, the odds of them being caught in the act or apprehended shortly thereafter go up significantly. Of all the ways that one could go about protecting their home and family from harm, a Do It Yourself home security monitoring system is the smartest option.

Getting Started with Security Systemshome alarm system
Obviously, it’s incumbent upon a homeowner to plot a strategy before getting started. There’s so much that goes into a resilient security system that it’s good to begin from scratch and build a solid foundation. When planning for a home security system, topography and layout will be the biggest details to work out. The location of grounded wires for keypads, sensors, alarms and lights will have to be taken into account when crafting the ultimate system that can’t be easily defeated by criminals with a pair of wire cutters.

Once one has a general idea of what’s needed in terms of equipment, the actual selection of specific components will need to take place. Using the best equipment available on the market from respected companies such as Honeywell/Ademco, GE/ITI or DSC is the intelligent way to move forward. The latest and greatest equipment in the home security sphere continues to advance at a rapid pace, with new features and capabilities rolling out every year. The key here is to research layouts and equipment first while getting a second opinion from an expert in the planning stages to achieve the best outcome in the end.

Homeowners will also need to shop around for the right security company. Any security company worth its salt will feature at the very least a dedicated tech support team, comprehensive alarm monitoring, warranties and web-based remote monitoring for their customers. The web is the best resource for performing research on potential providers, as any security company can be vetted by looking at hundreds or thousands of reviews to get an accurate picture of said company through user-generated feedback. Deciding on a security company is one of the most critical choices that need to be made, which is why it should not be taken lightly.

The X Factor: Monitoring and Administration
It’s possible to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on security equipment and still not have a solid Do It Yourself home security setup that can truly protect your home from invasion. The key to a home security system that delivers is the back-end monitoring that ties it all together. Reliable smoke detectors, cameras, motion detectors and alarms don’t really accomplish anything if there isn’t a remote monitor to do something about an alert. This is where a security monitoring company comes into the equation. It’s crucial that the right company be selected to handle monitoring and administration.

Resting at the pinnacle of the home security world, the undisputed remote monitoring leader is ADT. Synonymous with theft prevention, home protection, monitoring and all things security, their distributed monitoring centers around the United States and Canada ensure foolproof, 24/7 protection. There’s a reason why they’re responsible for protecting the majority of Fortune 500 companies, millions of homes throughout North America, thousands of airports and government buildings to boot. With 130 years of experience in the field, they’ve established themselves as a cutting-edge innovator on the forefront of technological development.

The Final Unknown: Installation and Quality Assurance
The installation of a security system is a critical juncture in the home security process. The ADT Authorized Dealer Program gives consumers a plethora of choices when it comes to picking out an installer. Thanks to the Authorized Dealer Program, homeowners in any region have access to many superb installers that can help them to plan out an installation, select the right gear and get it running all in one go. In order to protect your home from invasion, savvy homeowners can obtain a DIY security solution by contacting the professionals at Home Security Concepts.

Judged on the basis of criteria such as track record and customer satisfaction, Home Security Concepts is one of the most well-respected installers currently in operation. Their rock-solid reputation for quality assurance, vetting employees and delivering the absolute best service possible guarantees that their Do It Yourself home security packages will protect your home from invasion when it really counts. A homeowner can’t always be nearby to respond to alerts. That’s why remote monitoring that’s been installed properly is so important. Leaving the installation to a less than capable provider is just an invitation to disaster.

Not just any company can qualify for the selective Authorized Dealer Program. To become qualified, an installer must meet all local licensing requirements, conduct background checks on employees and adhere to installation quality guidelines. As such, any authorized installer will feature a basic level of competence and knowledge of installation best practices. However, “OK” isn’t good enough when it comes to assuring peace of mind for homeowners that want the utmost security for their possessions and family members. While independent ADT installers are almost uniformly excellent, some installers are simply better than others.

Home Security Concepts Gets the Job Done Right
For every kind of security installation in any scenario imaginable, Home Security Concepts is the unquestioned leader when it comes to overall customer satisfaction and value. Their installation package deals redefine the word “bargain” in the home security sector, and they provide a diversity of installation options that few can match. With so much riding on the integrity of a home security system, it makes sense to opt for an installer that’s the best that one can find. Ultimately, the pairing of ADT and Home Security Concepts is a winning combination for homeowners everywhere.

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