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Three Ways You’re Leaving Yourself Vulnerable To Home Invasion

miami-home-security-system-benefitsA home invasion is one of the most terrifying things for a homeowner. Unlike a burglary, it occurs when the residents are at home and awake, and this puts them in great danger. Home invaders look for some key indicators when choosing their next target, and you can ruin their plans by avoiding these habits.

Opening the Door for Anyone

Criminals don’t always kick down the door. Sometimes, they convince the homeowner to let them in. This looks much more innocent from a bystander’s perspective. You should never open the door unless you are expecting someone, especially at night. In addition to using the familiar “stranded motorist” excuse, criminals have been known to pose as service technicians and police officers. If someone claims that there is an emergency of some sort, offer to call 911 for them. If they say that they have some official duty, call the company or department that they claim to represent, and verify their identity.

Going Without an Alarm System

One thing that thieves dread is a modern alarm system. An integrated network of motion detectors, glass break sensors, and audible sirens is very hard for the average crook to defeat. In fact, many criminals will throw in the towel if they see the alarm company’s decal on the window. Get in touch with a Miami ADT home security consultant to find out what type of alarm system is best for your home’s layout.

Unnecessarily Exposing Valuables

It’s not unusual to drive through a neighborhood and see the glow of a gigantic TV in a living room window. Criminals notice this as well, and they often make these homes a target. They might also peer into garages in search of powertools, bicycles, and other items that are easily carried off. Avoid giving out such hints about valuables that you own. If you have a large TV, arrange it so that it is not visible from the window. Bicycles in the garage should be covered with a sheet, and powertools should be stored in a locking cabinet.

Preventing home invasions does not require you to put your entire life on lockdown, but you should eliminate these dangerous habits to make things as difficult as possible for home invaders. Exercise caution when opening the door, use discretion when exposing valuable items, and install an alarm system from a company like ADT Miami. Doing so will reduce the chances of a predatory criminal victimizing you and your family.

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