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Two Main Safety Tips When Putting Up Home Holiday Lights

home-security-in-miamiHoliday decorating is a great way to get into the spirit and get everyone in your home involved and excited. Holiday lights look beautiful but require following a few safety tips. There are several common safety tips to follow in order to prevent accidents when putting up holiday lights or using candles. It is a great idea to use non-flammable candleholders placed where they cannot be knocked over. Keep candles away from kids and pets during the holidays.

Fresh Christmas tree Safety

The first step in Christmas tree safety is to buy a fresh tree. Feel the needles to make sure they are not dry and brittle and fall off the tree. Make sure you add water to the tree stand on a daily basis. Keep your tree away from heat sources such as bright lights, radiators and fireplaces. Make sure to trim the tree with lights made for indoor use.

If you put lights on a tree that are made for outdoor use, then you run the risk of fire. When the holiday season is over, promptly take your tree out and dispose of properly. Always turn your holiday lights off when going to bed. Some people leave them on throughout the night, but there is always a risk of a fire from a short in the system.

Kids and Pets

If you have pets, then do not place glass ornaments on your tree. Cats and dogs love to play with ornaments and they risk injuries if they break. Test your smoke alarm and install fresh batteries during the holiday season. Keep your Christmas tree away from exits in the home to ensure you can get out quickly if there is a fire.

Keep puppies away from electrical cords to prevent him from chewing. Make sure your tree is stable if you have a cat that wants to climb on top. You should anchor your tree when you have small children and pets in the home.

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