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Three Vital Things You Need To Know About Home Protection

fort lauderdale adt home security tipsProtecting your home is not tantamount to rocket science, but it is a 24-hour a day job. Some home protection steps we take are more vital than others when it comes down to it. Below are three vital things you need to know about home protection.

1. The more complacent we get with our home and neighborhood, the less we care about home protection. How often have you heard someone say, “But it is such a nice/safe neighborhood, I can’t believe we/they were robbed” by someone giving a report on the local news? When we become complacent we stop locking doors and windows all of the time, we leave the garage door open and unattended, and we leave valuable items in unlocked cars in the driveway. The lesson to be learned is to always stay vigilant.

2. Another vital thing to remember is to stop placing home security at the bottom of your home improvement “to-do” list. We all want the $30,000 kitchen remodel, but what would be the point if your home keeps being broken into due to a broken lock? Home owners do it all the time; they focus on big ticket items and neglect smaller home items. From broken door locks to broken window panes, we simply deal with these items until we get to them “one day.” Of course that “one day” is often times one day too late. Always remember, prioritize your safety and security over granite countertops and other wants which to not secure you home.

3. The last vital thing you should know about home protection is the fact you need help doing it! As mentioned, home protection is a 24-hour a day job. With the Florida crime rate the way it is, you need protection at all times. The best way in going about this is with an ADT alarm system installed in your Miami area home. ADT provides 24-hour alert protection from not only criminals, but fire, flood, and gas leaks as well. The safety, security, and peace of mind ADT Alarm Miami offers is unmatched.

Home security does not have to become the “impossible task”. Having most problems can be solved by having an ADT Security Miami professional come to your home and asses and advise you on the system which is right for you. Always remember, the world is full of home invasion and robbery victims who all thought the same thing, “it will never happen to me, not my house, not my street”. We assure you “it” can, so fight back now!

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