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Predictions For The Future Of Home Security

Predictions For The Future Of Home SecurityViolence and Our Homes

We live in a world that has violence embedded in it. Every day we hear about war, terrorist attacks and people being murdered in their very own homes. From violence on television and news reports, to movies promoting violence and video games based on violence–it’s all around us. For most people, the natural reaction is to isolate ourselves, to shut out violence and allow ourselves to become immune to it–but woe to the person who does not wake up and take action to prevent becoming a victim.

At Home Security Concepts, an authorized ADT dealer, we want you to understand that this is about being aware of this world we live in, becoming alert to the potential threats to ourselves, our homes and our families and being proactive in how we live our daily lives.

Crime happens, and violent crimes that affect our homes happen in the blink of an eye. Consider what one minute is: a mere sixty seconds. That’s not much time to accomplish anything except in that by the next tick of the minute hand, two US Citizens can lose their lives to a violent act. Within one hour, it’s possible that 250 Americans will need to seek medical attention for an injury from a violent crime.

According to the US Department of Justice and the FBI, throughout the USA, law enforcement agencies reported an increase in the number of violent crimes in 2012. And the number of property crimes in our nation is on the rise. From burglary to theft and arson, the numbers of these crimes in our homes and the criminals who perpetrate them is increasing and we need to put a stop to it.

It is a fact that a great number of home invasions end in violence. Did you know that on average, a violent fatality has related costs that amount to approximately $1.3 Million, with non-fatal assaults costing $80,000 each, making violent crime contribute to 3% loss to the gross domestic product.

These staggering numbers make it abundantly clear that violent crime is not going to just go away. In fact, it is increasing every year. In these desperate times, criminals know no bounds and unleash frustration and violence in the crimes they commit, and a large percentage of these crimes take place in homes. As homeowners and head of our households, it’s up to us to take a stand and protect our homes, our families and our possessions.

The savvy homeowners have a security connect that ensures their peace of mind, and that connect is Home Security Concepts. We have the ways and means to ensure the safety of your home and family with our state of the art security systems and we want you to have the peace of mind you deserve.

Natural Disasters and Our Homes

Global Warming. We’ve all heard the term, but do we realize the effect it is having on our nation? Global warming is one of the most complicated issues facing us today. We hear from various scientists, world leaders, environmentalists and the scientific community of the impending crisis as the result of water tables rising.

It has gone on record that 2012 was the hottest year ever in the US . Add to this fact, the record lows and record-breaking snowfalls, tornadoes, floods and droughts and common sense tells us that we need to be sure we have the means to protect our homes and possessions from natural disaster.

Predictions For The Future Of Home Security

It doesn’t matter if you believe in global warming or not, just seeing the news on the super storms that are affecting all areas of the world, and our nation, is enough to make homeowners want to take precautions and protect their homes from Mother Nature’s wrath.

Technology and Protection

Thankfully, Home Security Concepts, an authorized ADT dealer is constantly researching and evolving to meet the needs of homeowners and their families. ADT has been in the security business for over 140 years and is one of the most well-known and trusted companies in home security. We have six monitoring centers and are constantly there, 24/7 to monitor your security needs. With service to more than 6 million customers, both residential and small business, our goal is to ensure the security and safety of your home no matter what security is needed: break-ins, fire, flood, we can customize the right system for you and your home.

Technology is increasing at unfathomable rates. Concepts that were considered science-fiction a few years ago are now common. Think how the impact of cell phones changed our society and instantaneously connected us not only locally but globally through mini-computers that just happen to be phones. And that innovation opened up a whole new world of technology for Home Security Concepts, authorized ADT dealer.

Home Security Concepts has evolved to meet the technology demands of today with a variety of innovative technology. Wireless technology has given us an entry into innovation and ability to pioneer new ways to protect you.

For example, our ADT Pulse(SM) Interactive Solutions enables you to keep track of your home no matter if you are in the office, the beach or on the road. Imagine being able to utilize our Z-Wave(TM) technology to create a unified network that is totally integrated and can be connected to any electronic device within your home?

Our unique system using wireless technology makes your home a virtual Fort Knox. You can lock doors, turn on lights, monitor your home and be sure it is safer and more secure than ever before. With your Home Security Concepts ADT Pulse online portal, you can view live, on-line video of your home and set up a schedule to automate lighting, thermostats and so much more.

The Future Is Here

Crime is not going away, in fact, as stated earlier, it’s on the rise. Natural disasters are getting worse and worse with each new year. The ability to protect and monitor your home is the way that you will be able to live each day with peace of mind, knowing that Home Security Concepts, authorized ADT dealer, is there when you need us–24/7.

Be aware, be safe and call us to secure your home. We can be there today because we know, the future is here now.

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