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4 Areas of Your Home That Are Most Vulnerable to Burglars

adt-miami-alarmsLiving in Miami, one has to be quite conscious of what parts of their home are vulnerable to burglaries. It is highly recommended to consult ADT home security in Miami in order to ascertain what potential pitfalls that you home has so that you can practice adequate burglary prevention. Consider the 4 target areas for burglars below:


Windows are a natural target for burglars because they allow them to see what is inside your home, are often located on the first floor, and are made of glass. Your windows should ideally be designed to have sensors that beep when opened and should have an alarm if their glass is shattered.


Even though the garage closes quite tightly to the ground, it actually is quite easy to open with a crow bar. It is important that you have a sensor on your garage as well to avoid break ins.


Your home will likely have a front, back, and side door that are made of all different materials. All of these doors are target areas for burglars and should ideally have sensors as well.


The attic is a danger that is commonly missed. It is important to note that burglars could prospectively climb into a tree and break into the attic with access to the rest of the house. Thus, it is best to protect the attic as well.

When assessing the dangers of burglary that your home has, it is important to not be naive. Burglars are getting more and more creative everyday, which is why it is best that you consult a professional such as ADT home security in Miami to make sure that your home is protected.

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