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5 Home Security Measures You’re Probably Not Doing Enough Of

adt-miami-alarmsMost people do the usual things that are recommended to protect their homes from burglars. They leave lights on when they’re gone, install a security system, and maybe even get a watch dog. But there are ways to enhance your home’s security with minimal cost and effort.

Switch lights.

Instead of leaving the same light on every night, especially when you’re away, rotate the lights that stay on. One night use the kitchen light. The next night leave on the living room light. If you use a timer to turn on lights at night, vary the turn-on and turn-off time frequently.

Use audio.

In addition to leaving a light on at night, play the radio or television for several hours. Anyone close to the home will get the impression those inside are still awake watching or listening to a program.

Trim foliage away from house.

In addition to trimming shrubs and hedges, you may want to trim back bushes or tall plants where someone could hide. Some people remove all foliage except low plants from the house to prevent a burglar from getting too close and checking out the premises. Consider installing ground lighting or surveillance lights to keep unwanted intruders away.

Install window alarms.

Although security devices are fairly common on doors and entrances to a home, window locks are another helpful security measure to keep intruders from trying to enter that way. Basement glass block windows are another helpful deterrent.

Start a neighborhood watch.

Try to organize a neighborhood crime watch to keep an eye on each other’s properties. If that won’t work for any reason, try partnering with at least one neighbor you trust to monitoring each other’s homes, especially when either of you is absent.

It doesn’t take much to go the extra step or two to keep your home well protected. Doing all you can now can help to prevent someone from breaking in and taking your valuables.

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